Monday, August 28, 2006

told you

i told him 'hi'
i told him that he looked good
i told him that the kids say he's been doing better

he told me that he doesn't have a job

i told him that he's a good man... i told him that twice
i told him he is a very smart man
i told him that he's a good worker with a lot to offer

he told me that he's depressed and the medicine doesn't seem to be doing much

i told him that i've had no choice but to be ok when he asked how i was
i told him that it's been hard
i told him i pay for everything

he told me that he feels like he's let me and m down

i told him he has

i told him that he needs d and m in his life
i told him that d and m need him in their lives in a healthy and positive way
i told him that all i wish for him is to take care of himself and do what he needs to do to be healthy

i told my heart to be quiet and not to say what it wants to say as i drove away crying
i told myself that i made the right choice as i second guessed myself in so many ways
i told myself that i have to continue on this path even though i don't know the future

i asked God to take care of him for me

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