Monday, January 26, 2009

Meant To Be

What you're looking at is a dream - come true!! My dear girl, M, has been saving her money for 1 1/2 years in order to buy a car. She's worked at restaurants and a dental office to save her pennies for this dream. She's ridden her bike to work in 112 degree summer weather - I kid you not! She's saved her money and been focused on her dream...and today it came true!

A friend at work connected us up with her other friend who was selling this little gem. And as only the universe can do, the selling price was exactly the amount dear girl had in her account! We went over yesterday to look at it and fell in love immediately. Today we returned with the check and dear girl now is the proud owner of her very first car! Off she is tonight to visit friends and savor this next step of independence! Way to go, dear daughter... enjoy the ride!!! You've truly earned it!! : ))

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Friday

If I were to sum it up simply, I would say 'It's been a crummy week.' Many frustrations. Many problems. It happens in this profession. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time dealing with 'issues', than actually teaching. Sometimes the needs of a few outweigh the needs of most. Sometimes I have no answer. Sometimes I need just a quiet few moments alone to think, ponder, assess....but those moments are hard to come by. I found such a moment at 5:00 am Friday morning in my dark living room. Up most of the night by a new situation. Trying to find a solution. Trying to find a plan. Trying to figure out what would 'work'. In the darkness of the early cloudy morning, I had a talk with myself as to what wasn't working regarding this new situation, and what I needed to try to have success visit my room for the day. As it turned out, I implemented a new strategy when school began, and success for this new situation had a prominent place in my room all day long.

What had been a tough time began to turn in the late hours of the week. And it got even better.

One of my student's father is in Afghanistan. He was deployed just before Thanksgiving for his second tour. He's a doctor here. Over there he saves the wounded. This time away has been difficult for his wife, their young daughter and his son, whom I am lucky to have. Yesterday was son's birthday. Dad had emailed me the day before and took me up on my offer before he left of "If you ever need to talk with N, you call us here at school and I'll put him on." So, during our 'Guessing Jar' lesson, the phone rang. I answered and Dad was on the other end, from Afghanistan. "N.....the phone's for you, buddy". N walked over with a somewhat confused look on his face as he took the receiver from my hand. 'Hello???' he said. 'Hi Dad!' ..... the rest of us went on with our activity...trying to give N and his dad from the other side of our planet some time to talk privately. However, I did hear a small 'I love you, too.' as they wrapped up their birthday talk.

Yes, the crummy week was turning around.

Friday afternoons hold a special place - Friday Freetime! It's a reward time for 'good character' when my students get to play with all sort of games, manipulatives, books and a special cupboard full of activities just for Friday Freetime. It's busy, creative, fun - sort of like a 'cherry on top' to the week. I was at my desk when one of my students came up to me with this...

Me - "Y.... did you draw this?"

Y - "Mrs. D.... Mrs. D.... I heart you."

.... he 'hearts' me.

Did I tell you that I had a wonderful week??

Sunday, January 18, 2009


When good dogs.....

.....go bad.

....this explains Wednesday.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I Teach

....left on my desk after recess Friday....

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Have A Few


for this new year...

not resolutions...

but visions...





I have a few.

...and you?