Sunday, October 08, 2006


Being from Ohio, I'm ingrained with the seasons. I can not watch the months slip on the calendar without thinking of the seasons, the solstice, the waning and waxing of daylight, the storms, the snow, the floating leaves of such unique color raining down on my hair. As said before, I play the part of a desert rat...but I hate it. It doesn't seem natural to me to live in an oven.

This is the driving force that has lead me to many a roadtrip adventure. Thus this little gem here. Traveling on a dirt road up in the forest about two hours from here is a cluster of trees that each fall put on such a vibrant show for anyone who happens to meander by on this road less traveled. One time my family and I took chairs, books and a picnic and just set up the day in this grove of splendor. I love it here.... nothing but nature...pure nature.

Yesterday was spent cleaning top to bottom, laundry duty and the kitchen fired up as two girls made pumpkin-cream cheese muffins and rice krispie treats. It took all day to complete that last sentence, but when I laid down for sleep, a good day had been spent.

I have a couple of errands to do today... I'm in search of a certain brand of ledger paper which is being very elusive. I may splurge and buy a Yankee Candle. I've wanted to for a month now, but finances have prevented that kind of purchase. Maybe today I can justify it. Autumn always wakes up my 'nesting'....decorate the house, pull out some of my favorite things to spruce up the home, make some yummy favorite recipes...soups, know... good ol' comfort food.

What does Autumn make you yearn to do?

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