Sunday, February 08, 2009

Round And Round I Go

This is more like it! Cloudy, cool, gray and rainy. The much herald winter storm that they've been warning us about for the last five days rain finally arrived during the night and is already on its way out. Sunlight skips among the gray puffs and winks at those of us who want to build a fire, stay in our pajamas - knitting and reading on a day like this.

Last night I tackled a project I've been perplexed and facinated by - knitting in-the-round. I've always used two regular knitting needles in the past, but there's another style of knitting that involves smaller, double-pointed needles, and you use 4 of them at the same time! Hats, socks, mittens all use this technique and I've always admired those who could do it. A few months ago I bought a set of these needles, determined to tackle knitting in-the-round. It was not to be.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was pretending to be engaged in my state-required night class but was secretly looking through my latest Martha Stewart Living magazine that just happened to have been mixed in with my stuff, I found an article on knitting mittens, using the in-the-round technique. Heck, if Martha can do it, so can I !!

I got out my yarn, needles and methodically followed the directions, step by step. My first attempt was pretty good and let me get comfortable with the mechanics of it - it's a bit tricky holding 4 knitting needles at once! After a few rows, I started over to see if I could refine my technique.
The result is this! It's really fun and is, actually, quite easy to do. I even got adventurous and tried adding a new color for a row to see if I could do it...I could. I think I'm just about ready to tackle the real deal and make some hand warmers!

All of this coincides with what my book club is reading for February's selection. I just got my book the other night and haven't started it yet - I've been too busy knitting! The gals are meeting Tuesday to have dinner and discuss .... alas, I won't be there because Tuesday's are not with Morrie for me... they are spent sitting in a state-mandated class that I have to take in order to keep my teaching certificate, costs me money, will take 15 weeks to complete and turns my Tuesday's into 13 hour days....but I'm not bitter.

Hmmm... I wonder.... think I can sneak my knitting into Tuesday night's class?!?


Cheela said...

That's what you get for knitting!!!!

Susie of Arabia said...

I would think your fingers would still be cold with these!
BTW, I love your new layout - I have been looking through all of their designs myself and will be revamping mine in the near future too - TCBOTB stuff is so cute, it's hard to decide!
And thanks for the nice things you said on my blog!

Just Joni said...

Oh, you are a brave lady...I've been wanting to venture outside of traditional knitting needles too! I spotted the cutest cape-style pullover sweater at Macy's and thought "I can make that..." and I'm pretty sure that involves circular I dare? You bet I do, but I better do some reading first and see what tips I can pick up...all for the love of adventure and being cozy all at the same time! I think you could manage to knit on Tuesdays as long as you look up occasionally...*wink

kimberly said...

i just would like to remember how to knit with two!!!!!! i may need some lessons vb.....
thanks so much for your shared love and joy over our sweet little milo....we truly are sooo blessed!

rachel said...

Good for you! I was determined to learn how to knit a couple of years ago...I started with a simple scarf and then attempted a felted purse pattern that was knit in a round which turned into three purses...and now my favorite things to knit are socks and fingerless gloves. When you find yourself saying out loud or in your mind, "Just one more row...", it's all over. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Meags said...


Still keeping you in my prayers. The knitting is so theraputic. I knit with the knit crafter looms. I love it. I'm not brave enough to try the needles. I don't see why if you stay awake you shouldn't bring your needles to class. It may cause you to focus more on what is being said of your mind wandering. We give putty to kids at school!!!

Love you Girlfriend.


Martha said...

Hey, Carol! I'm not very skilled, but I really enjoy knitting, too. Joe's mom taught me to knit washrags a few summers ago. It is very therapeutic. I knit four afghans the year I stayed home with Joey. I'm pretty sure it was one of the things that helped me stay somewhat sane. :>) Since I've been home this time, I knit Joey a scarf for Flagstaff and have started one for my niece in NJ. I learned to knit with two needles that are connected with a long plastic piece. I'm not sure I'd know how to do it with two unconnected needles, much less three or four needles. I'd be one of the first ones there if you were to give lessons!

I just left a note on Sheila's blog saying we need to do a margarita run some day.

Love you and miss you!

Annie said...

Good on you! That is great. I wish I could get back to knitting.

Came over from Joni's blog ...sorry to hear about your dad ...on your recent scrolling down and enjoying your blog.

So pleased that you were able to spend time with your dad when he was dying, and to be able to let him go...I had a similar situation when my Mum went a few years ago. Nice that your family were able to get together too! Very important healing starting!

It has been nice to meet you...have seen you on Joni's blog...but never been to visit...this blogging is addictive isn't it? I spend way too much time at the computer and not enough doing the chores!

The book was interesting, I read it also. Am now trying to get hold of a copy of the Potato Peel Pie society, or some such...started it a while ago as a library book at my son's place..must go to the library!

ps I love the descriptions in your bio...about jeans and t=shirts and bare feet...and no bling , junk mail etc...sounds just like me!

pps I am an Australian, but about to come to NY to visit daughter, son-in-law and cute little grandson soon! Can't wait! Love it!