Friday, August 14, 2009

A Gold Star For Everyone!

We made it through a successful first week of school! Can I get a yeeehaww!!????

It's hard to believe that I'm easing back into the routine of school already, but it's that time of year!!!

On Monday, I welcomed 29 first-graders to my classroom and let me tell you....they are a wonderful group of boys and girls. I somehow always get great kiddos which make for a wonderful class.

My parents are just as kind as ever...truly! It's been a pleasure meeting them and visiting with them!

It always takes a few weeks for all of us to get settled into a new routine. The heat and humidity have made for some long afternoons and recess duties. By the time I get back to my room from making sure little ones got on the right bus, I'm drenched! So a cool shower once home always refreshes!

Plans for tomorrow? Sleep late. Drink creamy coffee outside. Grocery shop. Do laundry.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Do share!


Julie said...

That is WONDERFUL news. Of course it went well you are a fabulous teacher.I just adore those little ones. Thanks for posting a picture of your classroom.....boy do I miss that place....lots of hours spent there...talking..laughing...venting and crying!

Plans for the weekend....dinner with Hope is finally nice out so for sure some outdoor time...a walk...maybe a bike ride?? Hopefully catching up with you via telephone! :)

Cheela said...

Glad your week was good and that your class is such a good group of kids!!

As you know, we are in New York/Connecticut for the weekend. Remember my post on my cousin, Eddie? Well, he is in the next town over from where we are staying. Yesterday he came to the hotel. It was so touching to see him greet his daughter, Angie, and then Teresa. He kept patting her!!!

Tonight is the wedding and tomorrow we head for New York to see Mamma Mia. We leave early Monday morning to get back to AZ.

Martha said...

Your room looks great, Carol. I'm glad you have such nice kids. Every year I feel like a got a hand picked class because all of my kids are so nice and I think this couldn't have just happened by chance, but then I look around at my teammates classes and they are just as wonderful and I realize, it is Gilbert El. We have the best kids!

Grumperini said...

I have been feeling the SAME WAY about my class all week! How did I get so lucky?!?

Every weekend I have grandiose ideas about what I'll get done on Saturday, and every week the only thing that gets done is a lot of napping. Sunday, the traditional day of rest, then turns out to be shopping, cooking, laundry, plan for the week day. Until tho... maybe a milkshake?! :)

kimberly said...

one week already.....cassie called today to say...."i was at school all day trying to make sure all is ready for monday!"...and she sounds ready to be back....29 big class or is it always that big?...and what grade is it, vb? plans this weekend....start getting the house ready for bryan's retirement partay....drink lots of coffee....and spend a little time in the water with grandkids!....hope yours is restful and relaxing!

N-Search of Peace! said...

As for plans?

Just keeping focused on what I can control and be happy in!

Farewell spent with ones that are my heart....

Life is really so great!

So glad that yours is now too!

Like a crazy women....

Joni said...

School already? My, my, where DOES the time go? First graders are sweet - I hope you have a happy and productive school year!

My weekend was very very would be exhausting to recount it all!

Jill said...

Congrats on a wonderful first week! Yahoo! Your classroom looks terrific. I'm sure all 29 (!!!!) first graders are busting their buttons ready to go! We are off to a great start as well.... pictures on blog soon. Hope this week goes just as well.

Chickenbells said...

Congratulations!! Can I come back to school and be in your class? I can only imagine what a Joy learning from you is.

I actually only have plans for Sunday thusfar...I will be putting my head together with a good friend for some new creative collaboration on the photo shoot front. Moving forward...moving forward...

kimberly said...

hoping you are having good days, vb.....and have a wonderful weekend! it's friday!

kimberly said...

was a nando's this last friday.....sippin margaritas...looked for you...but alas....another time! :-)