Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inside Out

I'm back! I know it's been a while since my last post, but, truly, things have been busy, busy around here. The Fall Fairy showed up a few weeks ago and decorated with an autumnal touch!! Little amber lights glow around my doorway and beckon fall to come inside.

The Fall Fairy is always welcomed here at this home....

In fact, we eagerly anticipate her visit a bit more than Santa's!

I love my fireplace and can not wait to celebrate the first fire of the season!! The logs are waiting and it's almost ceremonial when we strike the first match!

Even Lucy is decked out in her fall finery!!
My bedroom has been a kitty recovery room for the last two weeks. Skittles had surgery to remove the lump on her back. Unfortunately, the news was not good and it will more than likely come back. But she's doing great, was SUCH a wonderful 'patient'...(if you knew her, you'd appreciate that statement - she has a bit of an 'edge' in her personality!!) and is outside today for the first time. Lessons I've learned this year on loss have served me well in dealing with this latest event.

The weather has been glorious and I have found myself sitting out on my back patio almost every morning and every evening. I've even dined by candlelight several times to celebrate being able to be OUTSIDE again!!! There have been days when I haven't even turned on my's hard to be inside when it's so gorgeous outside!
The song of autumn is being sung by everyone!
Today was spent doing errands, finishing two knitting projects and getting the car ready for a trip up to my favorite place on earth! It's fall break and my ya-ya's and I are making our annual trek up to the cabin in the middle of the ponderosa forest and we are like kids packing for Disneyland!
I need some time to relax and rest. To stop. To breathe. To unwind. To be. What do you do to renew?


Chickenbells said...

Welcome back! If your life has been like mine, it's hard to find space to pause...ok, let me rephrase. It's easy to find a little pause here and there, but that does not usually mean that I get anything "accomplished" unless you consider accomplishment slowing down and enjoying the new season. Which actually, I do...even if the vacuuming doesn't get done (which is why we have these Fall Faries, right??) Have a wonderful time with the YaYas and a beautiful trip...I'm planning TWO fall trips for next month...watching November entirely evaporate and feeling almost too excited to sleep!! Yay Fall!!

Julie said...

I love your pictures......the Fall fairy did a great job decorating! :) Enjoy your trip up to the mountains.... I am so thrilled that you are doing this for yourself. It will be good for you to stop...breathe...relax with your favorite people. Fill yourself up full my dear deserve it!

Jane said...

I really wish the fall fairy would make her way to my house. Can you send her over? I love that you are getting away to the cabin--have the best time. Relax and enjoy the fall weather.

I somehow misplaced your email address that you gave you want to send it to me at

Joni said...

I share in your excitement for the season - there truly is a sense of renewal in the changes that occur during this time of year. I wish I had more time right now to celebrate the beauty of it all by decorating the house. Your decorative touches are very welcoming, so I'll just pop on over to see yours!

Happy days ~

Martha said...

Carol, your house looks lovely and as always I'm in awe of your ability to capture the beauty of things with your photographs. I'm glad you and the ya ya's had a great time. You certainly deserved a chance to rest, refresh, and rejuvenate! Love you!

Meags said...

Hola! I need to remember to invite the fairies into my home. I was thinking maybe they would come if I could get rid of the dust bunnies. Thanks once again for the sharing your wonderful visit.