Sunday, July 30, 2006

Soil Toil

I spent Friday morning on my butt or on my knees weeding this little gem in the forest. E and M's little garden needed a little tending, and my two hands were just the tools to do it. So, with a cool forest breeze blowing through the trees, a radiant sun above and whispy clouds parading by, I set to work to make this little garden shine again. The weeds didn't offer much resistance. One tug and I had another clump to add to the weed bucket. I methodically made my way past the clumps of chives (and nibbled a couple as I did, oh my! are they yummy!), the rubarb, the tomatoes, peppers, mint and corners of irises. Digging in dirt is theraputic. It gives one time to think. To ponder. To reflect. To wonder. To plan. To question. To settle. To be.

My pants were just covered in black soil. They went into a bag for a good soaking in the washing machine tonight. My heels were BLACK!! I sat in the shower and scrubbed them after weeding and didn't get all of it out! But no worries... it's all part of the experience! A trip into town to Wally World for a few items found me getting a new garden stake - a cute little red ladybug who's wings spin in the breeze! (You can sort of see it to the left of middle). A cool drink of lemonade with some mint from the garden (and a splash of Gordon's) and I was quite content to admire her new showiness! I'm not sure who was smiling broader, the garden or me! Gardening. It's so good for the soul.

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