Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friends, Feasts and Fairies

That's me...

a true nature fairy....

striking a pose in my tubby... I was about 2....

notice the resemblance to the 'oil of olay' lady??

This picture was created last night...amid laughs, cranberry cocktails - good lordy... who knew homemade cranberry vodka was so pretty!!?!... food of EVERY kind... and enough paper, paint, modpodge and embelishments to stock a small store!

The ya-ya's and I decided that we needed to get 'crafty'. R's contribution included homemade cranberry vodka that looked like a liquid jewel...the prettiest cranberry red in the cutest Wal-mart jug! One sip of her concoction and we were singing 'It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas'. N's beautiful spinach salad competed with her Champagne pate for star title... hard call there. Apparently, my rustic pumpkin sausage ravioli earned the nod for my part... we produced a feast!

Evening's respite was creative bliss! N made a beautiful lavendar tray filled with photos of family and friends. She was like a windmill - arms a'flyin' as she cut, glued, trimed, modge-podged and trinketed up her 'Best Friends' tray... absolutely beautiful and amazing!!

R was our little 'ma nature' with her tray... papers made of the most amazing pairings... fabric enbedded into layers... grasses 'growing' in course pulp... and the most amazing to me... skin-thin slivers of cross-cut branches peeking through a silvery-lavendar paper. Her tray metomorphed into a candle tray, with the center stage being surrounded by 'leathery' autumn leaves from a fall napkin, golden words of wisdom laid on forrest green and combinations of textures and fibers that were so intriguing to gaze at!

How awesome it was to watch these two transform their blank 'canvases' into treasures!

As for me, I worked on a project in progress... a wooden box from Ikea that has no rhyme nor reason...other than whatever strikes my fancy at the time. Last night it was one of my favorite photos of me ...taken by my mom. I remember when she took it. It begged to be turned into a 'nature fairy', of sorts. So out came the supplies and this is the result... a little spot on the top of the box bearing 'nature girlie'... complete with micro-glass beads on wings of vellum leaves and her hair adorned with a 'God sparkle'... a little rhinestone found on the pew one morning at church.... whimsy and fun are hard for me to incorporate into my art... I am WAAAY too serious when I create. So this was a stretch, and it was fine!

Very late into the evening, all goods and goodies were packed up. As N and R loaded up the beloved Jeep, it looked like a week-long trip to the cabin was the focus. But no, it was simply the necessary components being tucked away and loaded home until the next ya-ya soiree!

I choose joy!

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