Sunday, April 15, 2007

To the Power of 5

What you see here is, truly, the powers of the universe bringing 5 charming spirits together for a wonderful night of margaritas and laughter! My buddy from Prescott and her friend (now my friend, too!) came down for a 'girl's weekend' in the valley and they were so wonderful to pencil us in for Saturday night on their VERY busy schedule! You will remember that Miss S (on the right) was whom N and I ran a jar of lemonade up to last month. Well, she and her friend, the lovely Miss D, came down for a very much earned and needed weekend of shopping and socializing in our neck of the woods...or desert, as it might be! The girls were just stunning! Cute, bright, funny, charming, kind, beautiful and just a stitch! The topics among chips and salsa ran the gammit, from life's lessons, to waxing (oh my lordy, I'll carry that hilarious chat with me for a long, long time! too damn funny!) to guys, to walking your path.... As you can tell, we all had a ball... two sets of ya-ya's...gathered into one. After 3 hours of the best of us all, we headed out to the parking lot to meet Gwendolyn... Miss D's beautiful new PURPLE car! (yes, PURPLE in Purple Rain!) Hugs and kisses were pressed and a new adventure planned with me, Miss N and the beautiful Miss R heading up to Prescott for another round of girl time - to the power of 5!
** Miss S.... your wrist simply SPARKLES, my dear! Delicious!


Chickenbells said...

Oh, I love the Power of 5! And with that, I think we shall rule our worlds...thank you so much for such an incredible time...I feel refreshed, silly and inspired by you lovely women. I am so very lucky to be sharing my path, my life, and my time with such amazing be surrounded with this group of women makes me teary and a little speehless (which is certainly saying something isn't it?) I know both D and I are looking forward to you all coming up and coveting the chandelier and the balls...and the martinis!

Until then...


Anonymous said...

The power of 5! That is such a mystical description of us....and oh so true! It was an evening that I truly will never-ever forget! I laughed richly and so deeply that my sides are still twinging in soreness. I adore our new girls! They are wonderfully kind, funny, drop dead gorgeous, and loving hearts that you are drawn to, like moths be drawn to a flame! How blessed to have had this opportunity to be a part of that magical evening. Thanks go out to the universe!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Till we all meet again, reconnecting under the Prescott stars!

Smooches to the power of 5!!


thatgirldina said...

Oh thank you , thank you, thank you Miss Carol for sharing yourself and your amazing friends with us! It truly was a night to remember, and I'm being reminded every time I take a breath, as my sides are still in stitches from laughing so hard.

You, my dear are amazing! I cannot wait to share many more evenings of fun and festivities with you, R and N.

Cheers to the Power of 5!