Saturday, April 28, 2007

What I Need .... or so Google seems to think so

A couple of blogs that I read are written by some wonderfully diverse gals.... our lives really have little in common in the day-to-day reality. But upon a bit of digging, one, in particular, has more in common with mine than imaginable. Their blogs offered up a bit of whimsy the other day and I, sitting here with my Saturday morning cup of Joe, have decided to entertain the whimsy myself here. What you do is type in your name along with 'needs' into Google. Google graciously supplies you with what you need... whether you knew it or not! So Sadie and Jolene, thank you for the folly!

*Carol needs a nickname - (you're looking at it already.... given name is Carolyn)

*Carol needs to be developed for future advancement - (well, hate to tell you, but I'm NOT going after my doctorate. Checked into it and decided 'no!' If Google is thinking more along the 'personal' design, let's talk!)

*Carol needs to find local vendors - (I do?? ... I must admit that it's been hard to find some things around here...such as cute garden stakes, rainbow-colored popcorn and nice antiques from the mid-west)

*Carol needs Assessment Information Request
- (I'm not sure what I'm assessing here)

*Carol needs to lighten up -
(I TOTALLY agree with this!! In so many ways! Where do I go for this?? Sign me up!)

*Carol needs to be grounded -
(what did I do wrong??)

*Carol needs teapots
- (sure, if you have one you think I should have, bring it on over! I'll makes us some scones and lemon curd)

*Carol needs your advice
- (like I said.... I'm all ears!)

*Carol needs to get over it
- (I'm trying....really, I am)

*Carol needs to be alert during and after delivery - (oh, trust me on this one...I was!! I wasn't about to have 8 pounds of baby pulled out of my body without knowing what the hell was going on every second!)

As complete as the list might appear, no where did Google mention the following:

^Carol needs a serious road trip up to the mountains on the back of a Harley.... (hmmm, I'm still perplexed why this wasn't the first thing that Google mentioned....

^Carol needs an hour-long foot soak with lavendar and rose petals followed by a long foot massage and some reflexology - (this is a given, but not mentioned, either....)

^Carol needs a gift card to some of her favorite haunts to spend without worry or care (ok, perhaps a bit greedy, and definetly more of a 'want' than a 'need')

^Carol needs to sit on an Italian terrazzi sipping lemoncello as the sultry sun begins to sink behind the arched back of a vineyard below...and the moon begins her roll across the Mediterranean night sky...
(Freud would have a field day with this one!)

^Carol needs front row tickets to a John Mellencamp concert (I'm not sure that he's acutally touring, so I'd settle for an empty chair at his next jam session)

*******NOTE !!!
I got to this point of my post, and in crept the 'serious side' of me... I typed in how, in all seriousness, I am so very grateful for my friends, my home, my job.... but it became too serious, and that really is something that I agree with Google on... sometimes I need to 'lighten up'... and I deleted it. So in the 'Google spirit', I am not going to mention how grateful and blessed I am to have such wonderful friends in my life who mean the world to me on a daily basis, nor am I going to go into a big ol' diatribe about how blessed I am to have a home, food on my table, gas for my car or the best job in the world...or healthy kids whom I love, ... or any of the other wonderful facets of my life.

I'll save those for another time...

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Chickenbells said...

Tee-hee...if you can make lemon curd, I'm so very in! And, as for Italy? Oh, I'm in on that one too...

And all seriousness aside? We're all happy to have you least speaking for me, I am! D and I mentioned everyone's names at least 5 times this weekend...

Big smooches from the northland to you!!!