Saturday, January 05, 2008

Okay, Mom... I Get It Now

Ever go to an antiques store?
I use to visit them allllll the time; and I've made many a purchase in them thar stores. I remember dragging my mom with me a couple of times and just ooooh-ing and ahhhhh-ing at all of the depression glass, wood furniture, crocks, etc. One time as we were shopping, my mom said that she didn't find any of the things charming at all. "I grew up in the depression. This is the stuff that I grew up with. When I see it, it reminds me how tough times were." I still have and love my many purchases - some almost 30 years old. But I've always remembered those words of my mother.
Today, I headed over to my local antiques shop in search of a french book or old journal/ledger. It was a cloudy Saturday. Creative juices were swimming in my head. Inspiration was stretching its arms. Off I went for a casual trip down memory lane and hopefully, a find or two.
As I headed down the first of many aisles in this huge place, I was eyeing booths that had books. One of the ladies who works there told me to try 'this man's booth'. He was the guy who had the most and she thought I might find something there. So I started looking at his shelves - he had quite a few in different categories and I was a bit hopeful I'd find my ledger.
I didn't find my ledger. But I did see a big, thick brown book laying flat on one of the shelves. Hmmm... this looks familiar. Hmmm..... I picked it up and noticed it was a yearbook from...oh my gosh! My high school! Wait a minute... it's from my junior year! Oh my gosh!! I quickly thumbed to the 'juniors' section... and ... there I was!! My junior picture. A young 16 year old girl (my daughter's age) smiling in black and white up from the page. I had to catch my breath. I quickly thumbed to the 'D's'. There was my ex. We were highschool sweethearts. I had to catch my breath again. I remember those days so well. They were just yesterday.
I was for sale in an antiques shop!!!!!!!!!!
Am I so old that I'm an antique?? Has my generation moved into the world of 'back in the olden days' ?? Will someone browse through that book some afternoon and take it up to the cashier and marvel about their new antique book?? That I'm in??!!??
I put the book back on the shelf. With a somewhat dazed look, I moved on down the aisle of boothes... not even sure what I was looking for anymore. I tried calling my ya-ya's - 'Please just tell me that I'm not an antique!!'... but no answer. Another lady who works there walked by and asked me if I was finding everything alright. 'Oh... yeah....' I mumbled. She smiled sweetly and said 'It's all a bit overwhelming in here, isn't it?"
Lady, you have no idea.


Simplicity Wins said...

Girl, you crack me up. Thanks for the laughs on this rainy sunday morning. I needed that. And no you are not an antique. "Webster" says a true antique is usually dating back 100 years, your only half way there my dear!

Nonnie said...

that would be quite a can imagine the "huh!? factor :) like karyn said...thanks for the laughter.

we could have been going down the same aisles yesterday.....i started out for a day of checking out my favorite haunts....only to have my plans change suddenly...

something to look forward to another day!

Chickenbells said...

Oh're not that OLD...good grief! It was probably an antique and collectibles store right? It just means you're collectible! Oh...I can't believe you didn't buy yourself and put yourself on eBay... that legal?

Maybe you're just vintage...and we all know how wonderful and valuable vintage is right?! I mean, look at wine.

I'm not spinning this well am I?

I'm thinking it's like the first time I was in a store and heard a really great "alternative" song like we use to listen to in high school (cause' we were all cool and different than everyone else) Played as musac at Kmart or some such other horrible place. I was crushed.

Anonymous said...

oh the misery.... school starts again tomorrow.

Jolene George said...

Oh how I wish I was with you in that antique store as you discovered your year book. What a treat to see. I love antique stores. So many treasures to find.
Thank you so much for your sweet email. You are the dearest friend and right on the money with everything you said. Today is the first day I've been able to do anything without feeling like I was dying. I hope you can still find a day in the future to have lunch with me. I really want to.
I am SO thankful your heart is healed. What a blessing. Heavenly Father is looking out fo you because you are such a special person. said...

Okay, it takes a lot to make me laugh outloud! Oh gooodness, youa re soo charming! You are not an antique!!! That is sooo funny! I think it was a sign of some sort actually..... ;) Maybe... something incredible.... hmmmm...... xo

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh gosh! A horror story for sure!
That book I'm sure belonged actually in the building next door and just got you know...shuffled by accident...