Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miss Party Princess call me a 'Sally Jean' wannbe. Guilty!

I love that gal and her talent and style! I took a class a year ago to learn the art, of soldering. Not an easy feat, let me tell you! But no matter. I have fun and enjoy indulging in it from time to time.

Friday found a birthday girl amongst us...Dear Ya-Ya N! Such an amazing gal in so many ways and just the perfect party girl to pamper and present a present to!

So I collaged away - not knowing what I was making but just letting the creative juices flow. Voila'! Little Miss Party Ettiquette! I've been dying to post about her, but I knew birthday eyes would be visiting, so I had to tuck my surprise away for a bit and keep it a secret! Oh, so hard to do!!

After some soldering (let's just make this perfectly clear.... I am no Sally Jean...and her business is safe!) and a gossamer bow crown, our little girl was ready to be tucked into a pretty striped birthday bag and head on over to a favorite little brunch spot!

Ya-Ya's N and R and I gathered for a wonderful, lingering brunch of really great omelets, cinnamon buns, coffee, tea and the most decadent birthday brownie ever! It was like a liquid cake - which explains why, when I tried to move it into a 'to go' carton, it literally rolled over itself and ploped upside down, despite my best efforts to fix it up! It ended up looking like I had stirred the life out of it and thrown it into the plastic container... I was truly horrified at what I had done and kept saying to N.."I'm so sorry!!" ... but I got to laughing about it that tears were rolling down, too. N.. I really AM sorry, though!

Happy birthday, dear N!

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