Saturday, March 22, 2008

Morning Pages - Interrupted

**Reader Advisory**
The following post contains graphic language (the 's' word) and is not intended for young children, the faint-of-heart or those easily offended by real life.

So, I'm sitting in my lovely English Garden this morning...trying to neutralize the effects of a bag of Doritos, a hard-night's sleep and the continuing feeling of bad karma surrounding me (see previous post).

Upong rising, the diesel sound of the local fire truck with 'those nice firemen' drives by - ahh...they are checking out the fire hydrants in our neighborhood... aren't they nice??! I lumber down the stairs, throw the dog his bone and proceed to make a pot of coffee from Kenya. Sneezing for 10 minutes, trying to shake out the 'wrath-of-God' look that I have going on with my hair and gathering my things for my Morning Pages, I head out with coffee in hand to my garden. Surrounded by all things beautiful, I sit down and take that first sip....letting it seep its way into my body. A few deep breaths, listening to the train make its way through town, watching birds skitter around from tree to tree.... I open my journal to begin my Morning Pages. The pen finds me still working through a feeling of 'bad karma'...(again, see previous post). My perspective of this summer, finances, everything is a bit tainted and gloomy... I wonder if I'm just having a pity-party that I forgot to pencil in on my calendar, if I am forgetting to have faith in God taking care of me and my daughter, if it's the effect of the bag of Doritos from yesterday, or am I being very realistic about my situation?!? Such hard ponderings for so early in the morning.

As I scribe these fears, thoughts and wonderings on page I am interupted. By a SPLAT !! My journal pages now behold puddles of white ... as do my arm, shirt (which I have on the right way, thank you very much!) and even better.... my hair!

I have been shit on.

By the bird of Bad Karma.

I quickly gather my splattered-in-bird-poop things and dash into the house. Morning pages wiped down - the journal paper beginning to curl as it dries. Shit-on pajamas are stripped off. I dash up to the disbelief of the whole event, but having to laugh a bit inside...this is sooooooooooooooo my life!

Interestingly enough, I have emerged from this in a better frame of mind. I'm not feeling as woeful, gloomy or down. I'm showered, looking forward to getting some things done around the house today and taking loyal companion for a walk. Why is this? Well, it's a perfect example of life. We all get shit on from time to time. And we all shake (or shower, as the case may be) it off. We fix ourself back up and go right back out into the world with resolve and determination. Maybe getting shit on once in a while steers us back on course....refocuses us back to what is at hand...changes our perspective a bit to what is beneficial for our world. Maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all!

Nevertheless, tomorrow morning I'm taking my umbrella.

I have received several comments regarding the belief that when this type of 'event' happens to one, it brings them good luck and, some say, money! Well, I must tell you.... in the afternoon, I decided to do my taxes. Something that I have been dreading...I mean d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g to do because I just knew that I would owe, oh... a couple grand to Dear Ol' Sam. And after the way things had gone in the morning, why not just put the cherry on the top of this day! After working up the taxes, it turns out .... Uncle Sam owes ME!!!!!!! The shock of this turn around has not sunk in yet, but I can't help but notice the sequence of events - and the outcome! I don't know ... for those of you who haven't done your taxes yet, you might want to go find a bird! : )

8 comments: said...

I am freaking out over here!! Wait wait wait! I search trees for bird poop to fall on me!! It means money and very very very good luck!!

Nonnie said...

oh...laughing out loud!
i happen to agree with fancifultwist....i think it was luck....YOU were chosen out of how many people out and about? chosen....lucky girl! :) all in your perspective!

The Barber Bunch said...

I heard it's good luck when a bird shits on you! No really I Old Wives Tale. :)

Have a great Easter!

Chickenbells said...

Oh...a bird spit on you? (that's what I called it when I was little) I have never heard it being called good luck...I'm gonna have to hang out under trees more often...I don't know what the meaning of wearing a shirt inside out is, but I just googled it, and it seemes to be very fashionable right now...who knew? See? You're totally ahead of the rest of us!!

I should have called you on Sat. I almost did...I was having the weirdest day ever. Crying, laughing, It was nuts! I'm so glad that the taxes came around positive...I just did mine (dread too) an am getting back $$ as well...of course it's all going out again for bills almost immediately...but, hey...that's OK too!

Just Joni said...

ah, I'm so relieved it turned out to be good luck for you, I was feeling a tinge guilty about giggling over it...nothing like a little bird poop to make the rest of the day sparkle *
Thanks for sharing and putting much needed humor into my morning ~

have a good day ~

Jolene George said...

My heart aches and sympathizes with you sweet friend. The past few days have been rough for me as well. I need to find me a bird, but I have no trees for them to perch in...perhaps I need to come to town where I'll have a better chance.
I'm so glad Uncle Sam owes you!

Mary Jo said...

Oh Carol, I know the exact feeling! Several years ago, I was having a bad day such as you and thought, "Ah, a walk on this nice spring day will turn things around." Well the MOMENT I stepped out the front door: S*P*L*A*T! I really had to laugh at the irony of it all. And it did lighten me up (once I got cleaned up!) because I figured things could only get better at that point! Love the floral inspiration of your photos and postings! Take care, MJ :o)

Susie of Arabia said...

Love your photos, music, your sense of humor, and ability to laugh at yourself. I think we've all been crapped on by a bird at least once - except I don't recall having and good fortune bestowed upon me afterward - where do I go to collect?
BTW, thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I like what you said and I wanted you to know that I appreciate it.