Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Spring Soiree

Happy Spring !!

Oh yes! Spring sprung today and the ya-ya's were in full bloom! We've been planning a little 'Spring Soiree' for a bit now and in honor of the new season, we got together to bring it in in style!

Before the girls showed up, I tippied out to the garden to gather a couple of blooms for the table... nasturtiums, sweet peas and a daffodil from Trader Joe's made for a sweet little welcome.
The English Garden was all ready in her glory with the mid-morning sun lighting the stage for the festival!
Wrapped up in springy cotton napkins were copies of one of my favorite books by Susan Branch - 'Girlfriends Forever!' ... each with a little tag for the special ya-ya! Oh! The excitement of an unopened gift!

Look who showed up! The Spring Fairy, herself! She was decked out from head to toe with hues of yellow, pink, purple and all colors of the new season!

Pretty tin buckets of pink just brimming with goodies from her! Lotions and potions, coffe and cards, daffodils, scrunchies, chocolate, a magazine (YES! I will read this one!)...and other things that make a girl feel special and loved... that did she know??
And here's our gal that makes our world sparkle!! She brought us gifts, as well.... cans of Fish Foam!! Cute little wisps of lavendar from her garden bedecked each red and white can. Spring Fairy and I were estatic for these cans! What is Fish Foam, you might ask?? Oh my will be hearing about FISH FOAM in an upcoming post... it is my new love!!!
The goodies were set for a feast! Lemon scones, deviled eggs, salmon quiche with caper sauce, homemade lemon curd, a beautiful fruit salad and homemade lemonade (with a float of chamboard for a special treat!).
But wait! There was more! Tucked under all of those beautiful gerber daisies and sunflowers were the sweetest raspberry cream cakes...all set upon the sweetest pansie pedestal! What a stage!
The girls opened their books and we all quickly got lost in the wonderful pages of color, quotes, recipes and info that just makes a girl's heart all a flutter with friendship and love and all things wonderful to a woman's heart!
A gorgeous day....bright, beautiful sunlight....the song of birds surrounding us... all brings out the fun tucked inside!!
and the ever-present loyal companion who doesn't understand the giggles and laughs and all things girly....but he does understand frosting left on the stem of a gerber daisy tossed into the garden....
....said dog slyly carried said stem off for a wee bit o'lickin' !

Colors of spring....
a rainbow of nature....
a beauty of a day...
in so many ways!
May Spring color your world in all things bright and beautiful!


The Barber Bunch said...

Looks like you guys had a great time.

Nonnie said...

looks absolutely lovely......every single little thing about your day! love those kind of get fun to plan for and so warm to the soul! you are truly blessed to have friends you can share these days with, vb....and they are blessed as well!
enjoy your day today,

Jane said...

It looks Perfect!

Nothing is better than spring!!

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

See you soon.

Chickenbells said...

Oh yay! You gals look like you had a wonderful time...and I was so honored to be included via lemon curd up here in Prescott!! I tell you, I will treasure it always (or at least until I lick the jar clean)

Happy Spring!!

Simplicity Wins said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day. You are such a wonderful hostess and entertain with so much passion. I am sure the ya-ya's had a great time. The food looked wonderful and I am sure that lenomade was spectacular. Looks to me like ya-ya "N" visited Hallmark for those cute buckets....Love ya girl, can't wait to catch up soon.