Sunday, October 26, 2008

Delicious Autumn...!


It's the Fall Fairy!

I told you she came by from time to time!

My dear ya-ya, Norm, gifted me with this little sweetie, and I just adore her! I truly was speechless when I opened my autumnal gift.... Norm had really found a Fall Fairy! So she now hangs from my dining room light, unabashedly throwing herself into the beauty and spirit of the season... I love her!!!

I had a wonderful time up in the forest with my friends. We worked hard, accomplished much and enjoyed each other's company! For those of you who think I am 'roughing it' when I speak about my favorite place to be, rest assured that I am not. I have the comforts of new appliances, a hot shower in the lovely bathroom and the most beautiful view out of the bedroom window. I often don't sleep well up there, for I spend hours in the night looking out the window at the stars.

This quaint abode in the middle of the forest is my second home.... and I love spending time there. I learned alot about myself, my future, my abilities and what I thought was my path in life. I admire Ed and Mary and the life they live here. It's not easy, not at all. And I am honored to be able to spend time here... it always teaches me something and renews my soul.

This corner of the Earth smiles for me.

I have a new little feature on my sidebar. It's called 'Twitter' and it allows me to add a little update to my blog when I am out and about and not at my computer! It's a catchy little gadget and fun, to boot! Enjoy the weather this week - take a moment to take it in!


Chickenbells said...

How lovely. I didn't even know you were off until your fantastic daughter caught me by surprise at Snap Snap! (stupid broken hard drive!!) I hope you had a wonderful time...That room looks like heaven. Then again, so does the cabin...and some time away from "regular life"...

Nonnie said...

so glad that it renewed your soul, vb....we are just back from the ocean.....and i am renewed also....full of sand from four grandbabies....but renewed! :)

Nonnie said...

thank you so much for your comment, vb....and for your adding to the names i walk makes my journey that much more meaningful!
hugs dear friend,

Just Joni said...

What an absolutely perfect place to do some soul searching or star gazing to put things into perspective. I can't believe one of your Ya Yas found you a Fall Fairy! It was just meant to be!

Nonnie said...

happy halloween, vb.....hoping you have lots of little sweet goblins come your way! :)

Simplicity Wins said...

Sounds like Heaven! I am so glad you had that chance to go and relax....and enjoy your favorite season.

Susie of Arabia said...

The Fall Fairy is so cute!!! And I love your cabin - such a peaceful existence.