Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Believe!

Hi Santa Claus,
I can't wait for Christmas Eve! I can't wait for you to come to my house!!! I've been a good girl. Really, I have. How'd you know my name??
Your beard is really big!
Yes, I mind my mommy and daddy.
Um...yeah, I'm nice to my little brother. But sometimes he's not nice to me. He plays with my stuff. I don't want him to play with my stuff. It's my stuff, not his.
...yeah... I can share with Steve....
Ohhhh! I know what I want for Christmas! I want a Colorforms play set - I love making pictures with the stickers! And I want a new box of crayons 'cuz mine are all broken and short. And maybe some drawing paper, too. Oh...and a tracing book, too!
And I reallly want a play has a stove! and a refrigerator that you open and put stuff in! I could pretend and play 'house'! Me and my friends play 'house'!
Um... maybe a new TinkerToy set. Some of the pieces are broken and lost. We could both play with it. Or maybe some Lincoln Logs? I love building Lincoln Logs! I build houses!
Yeah... I'll share.....
I can sing "Jingle Bells"....wanna hear me sing??
'Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingles all today
oh what fun is to ride one horse open sleigh-HHH
jingle bells, jingle bells, jingles all today
oh what fun is to ride one horse open sleighhhhhhhh'
Oh, and maybe a dolly carriage for my dolly so I could push her around in it.
Santa Claus? Do you know what house is mine?? Are you sure? It's the white one.
We don't have a chimney so I don't know how you're gonna get in. Oh..okay.
Me and mommy are gonna make you and Rudolph some cookies...and a glass of milk. How does Rudolph fly? I try to fly! I jump off my bed and pretend I'm Mighty Mouse and I jump up high like I'm gonna fly! Sometimes I almost touch the ceiling! Mommy keeps saying 'You're gonna break your neck some day." We're gonna leave the cookies on a plate in the living the Christmas tree. I'm gonna wait up alllllll night and watch out my window for you, Santa Claus. I'm gonna look for Rudolph's red nose! I'm not gonna sleep and I'm gonna keep looking out my bedroom window so I can see your sleigh up in the sky!!
I'm gonna stay up ALL NIGHT!
Oh... don't??
Okay... I'll go to bed ..... and sleep.
A candy cane for me? Thank you!
I love you, Santa Claus.


Jane said...

Loved your post! So many great memories are made at christmas.
I hope you have one of the best ones yet.

Chickenbells said...

What an amazing picture! And, I just love that post...

I was just talking to Ms. Dina today and she said that she loves vintage pictures of Santa and kids...especially one's with the kids crying (I have a friend that collects those and has a lot) I said, " would be worth it even with your own get that picture...but, um...YOU never did that with Niko..." she turned to me before she walked out of the room and said very seriously, "no...but I sure wish I had!" giggle...

We're horrible.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

Cheela said...

Great post, Carol!! So many memories!!

Nonnie said...

i am such a believer.....when my kids were starting to question Santa...i said "you don't don't receive"!....:)

my one problem with riding the Polar Express, is that apparently only the children get the bells.....i want to know why the adults who still hear them aren't included in that?.....i may have to bring my own!
hugs dear vb....and may Santa bring you all your heart desires!

Nonnie said...

merry merry Christmas, dear vb....hope it is filled with love...and all you want it to be!

Jill said...

How wonderful! I believe!!! Thank you dear friend for believing in me. Merry Christmas!!!

Jane said...

Merry Christmas Carol!
Love Jane and Aly