Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Life Hands You Socks, Make Snowmen!

Ahhh.... the lazy days of winter break are just pure bliss!! I am sooo enjoying doing 'nothing'...or whatever my little heart desires! I've indulged in playing games, staying up late, sleeping in, watching movies, lounging in pajamas, reading, going on walks with the Ross-man (my dog), organizing and my favorite thing to do - spending time with friends!!

This morning found the ya-ya's on over for brunch. I whipped up a batch of waffles with my new waffle iron and we put on a spread that was de-lish! Then I pulled a surprise on them.

"I have a craft project for us to do! You're going to make your Christmas present from me!" This brought both "Oh cool!" and 'Huh??' .... So I explained that I had planned on making my ya-ya's little sock snowmen for their Christmas gifts but had been burned out on school craft projects so busy with all the holiday happenings that I ran out of time! Being the great troopers that they are, they were more than game! So out came the coffee-stained socks, the antique buttons, the bag of rice, the yarn, the glue guns.... each snowman began to take on his cute little personality and when it was all said and done, we were silly girls who had fallen in love!

The three of us love to decorate for the holidays and hate to have to put Christmas away - so we've decided to roll the trimmings over to January in honor of winter. So trees will stay up, white lights will still glow, and these little guys will now have the place of honor in our homes as we celebrate the season of winter (even though it was 74 sunny degrees today - that's desert life for ya!) Can you tell we were all raised in snow climates??

Plans for tonight are simple - none! I'm staying home and quietly watching this year slip away and a new one with promises and hopes and dreams and wishes take its rightful place.

I wish you all the very best that the new year brings. May you be blessed with joy, love and peace in 2009.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Love the snowmen! Did you make these with your class?

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Seattle area! Believe it or not, we've just had weeks of a LOT of snow! Cute snowpersons! I clicked to your profile after reading your warm comment about Stellan! Your profile made me think that you would really enjoy looking at this site:

I don't have a blog (yet?) Like cartoonist Gary Larson says "She was an old dog and it was a new trick."

I hope google lets this go through with my name, etc. I am Michal

Anonymous said...

and may this new year be especially sweet to you, dear you are to others!....and we need to make a date for a margarita....where was that? Nando's?....see i was listening! :)

Just Joni said...

adorable little snowmen who deserve the extended celebratory days of winter...and like you I will be snuggled in for the night with a movie on, a hot chocolate in one hand and a furry four-legged friend by my these days...even if they haven't been too winter-like...they are peaceful...happy new year to you!

rachel said...

Thanks for coming by and for your thoughtful comment-so nice of you! I hope to come by here again. Happy New Year!

Chickenbells said...

Wait. I thought if life handed you socks you made monkeys! Oops...that must only be in my world. I love the snowmen though...and what a fun thing for all of you to do! Snowman Craft Surprise!!

We're currently in Bisbee enjoying our little's too fun down here and I am so thankful for starting the new year out like this...

Happy New Year!!

rachel said...

To answer your question about my camera-yes, the macro setting is built in-meaning no separate lens to attach to my camera. All I have to do is set it before taking the photograph. Thanks for your interest.

Martha said...

Hey, Carol! Your snowmen are adorable! I started taking down my Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. I get nesting syndrome right before each chemo session and wanted to have everything cleaned up before I went.

Sorry I missed girl's night at Nando's. I would have loved to come. I'll look forward to next time.

I just realized that the pictures at the top of you site are ones taken by you. You do a beautiful job!
Talk to you soon!
Love you tons!

Meags said...

My boys (11 at time) made snow sock men last year and tried to sell them door to door for $3 each. My poor neighbor bought 4. They weren't nearly as adorable as yours.

Anonymous said...
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