Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She Did It With Class

That's my girl! All ready for the big ceremony... Miss M graduated from high school Wednesday night....and she did it with class!!

The ceremony was held at our university's activity center and it was awesome!

Hard to see, I know...but that's my girl receiving her diploma! Teary moment! The most teary moment, however, was when we found each other in the crowd! See that setup in the corner - those white panels under the trinitron screen? That's where the symphonic orchestra was sitting. I didn't realize that she was part of that, too, that night. We were texting each other and she found me, but I couldn't find her...I was looking at all of the student down in the rows of chairs. She texted me and told me she was in the orchestra ('duh' moment for me, here...she's only played in the band, or orchestra or symphony for ..let's see... how many years has it been? Oh yes... NINE years!!) and to look there for her. I did. And there was this little hand waving back and forth at me....IT WAS HER!!!!!!!! THAT'S when I really got teary-eyed. To think that in this big place, with thousands of people and all sorts of activities going on...two people connected across the space with little waves to each other. It was a wonderful way to celebrate a long, hard road that we both have walked together these past 4 years.
Afterwards, I was able to wait above the wall as the graduates emerged from the 'tunnel' leading out of the ceremony. Hugs, kisses, 'I'm so proud of you!!' and a lot of friends along with fireworks and a sea of humanity... I captured my 'little girl's' proudest moment!

I'm in the middle of getting things set up for an openhouse celebrating her accomplishments tomorrow. Yesterday was the last day of school and today was 'sign out' day. Time to try to relax and celebrate! Did someone say PAR-TAY??? : ))


Cheela said...

Transitions....... I have a quote on my blog quote today that I had never heard before and it made me think of you and what you have done the last few years with your life, Carol. It says "Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well." I think you have done this with your family and everything else that life had dealt you. Congrats to Miss M and to you!!!

Susie of Arabia said...

Congrats to you and your girl! I wish her nothing but the in her bright future.

N-Search of Peace said...

My "blonde-bed-headed-baby-girl"
All grown into this creature that EVERYONE is drawn to! I am so grateful that we have all been placed on this earth at the same time to share this with one another! Life IS so good!
Chica, I hope that you can stand back and see what you have encouraged in setting the example for your amazing daughter! Take a huge breath in and say to yourself, "I so love my life and what I have done for M and for myself!" Bravo sweetie...well done!

Meags said...

Yeah, What an accomplishment for all of you. I remember seeing her as a wee one around the neighborhood. 4 more years and it's my gal. Yikes.

Love you. Meags

kimberly said...

so glad that this special night was exactly that......special in every way!....i was thinking of time flies....but how amazing is this journey?!
love you,