Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall, Foliage and Felines

For the first time in about seven
'Saturday's', I felt like doing something other than just sitting on my butt doing nothing. It takes a bit of adjusting to a new school year, and Saturday's have been a day of recuperation. But not today!

Today was an early rise with puffy clouds and a hint of rain skipping on the breeze. The forecast was for a good chance of showers, which it has not. But the beautiful sky, a good breeze and temps below 100 degrees brings out the 'fall' in everyone! Ok, so we have to fake it here in the desert, but work with me, will ya??!

A trip to Home De-Pot was in order. Thoughts of working on my backyard garden, bags of soil and bark, and the temptation of fall flowers that had half a chance of living for more than five days had me jumping in my car and heading out in the early light.

Unfortunately, Home De-Pot had gone to pot in their flower department. Pitiful, I tell ya. So I grabbed a few hefty bags of soil and headed out for greener nurseries.

Better luck was had at Lowe's. Some mums, snapdragons (one of my favorite!) and two snail vine plants soon had a new address.

It never fails.
No matter where they are when I begin digging in the dirt, two cats appear! How do they know it's garden time? Oh... wait a minute. I think they think that I'm fancying up their litter box! Bella checks out the flowers.... so what do you think, Bella?


I sense some indignancy in her look....

Ahh...but her brother, Gambit, seems very content with whatever accessories I've brought home. Such a cutie, this guy is! He seems very happy with the spruced-up garden in the front.

Did you get that cats??!!?? It's a GARDEN!!

Tomorrow is the first day of my favorite season.... AUTUMN!! I hope you have a wonderful beginning to such a homey time of year.
Happy Fall all!


Mary Jo said...

Beautiful flowers and cute kitties! I always say I'm going to do the fall flower thing and just never get around to it. I love the cloud shot too - very relaxing!

Julie G. said...

Hey there friend,

Good for you, getting up and doing something on a Saturday!! I thought of you today as I spent yet another Saturday resting!! Tomorrow I will be out on a bike ride, enjoying our gorgeous Fall weather here in Seattle!!

Miss you!