Friday, December 07, 2007

The Best Laid Plans....

Oh, I've planned this night for several days... since the first weather forecast predicted rain moving in for the weekend!

I ski-daddled out of school right behind the kiddos and made my way to the library and store. Then home an hour later for an easy dinner and pink pajamas! The rain began it's plip-plop in earnest about an hour ago and the plan is for it to continue on and off for the weekend. Oh ye-ahh......

Plans for tomorrow??


Well, ok.. maybe a few...such as....

make some scones for breakfast, maybe or maybe not
stay in my pajamas for the day
read the new book by Nicholas Sparks
do a load or two of laundry
and most importantly....

make a batch of my wickedly fantastic vegetable beef soup...
of course... in my Le Creuset!

a Yankee Candle (Frosted Pumpkin) scenting the air, a firelog burning quietly in the fireplace, Christmas lights glowing around the house, a cat snuggled down into the comforter...snoozing contently.... appointments, no time commitments, no obligations to anyone... for a whole day.

pure decadence, I tell you!

May your Saturday bring you the ability to take time to enjoy the beauty of this time of year in peace...doing what you like to do the most!

*By the way...thank you all my dear buddies for your kind wishes and comments for a Happy Birthday! Each one was so appreciated! You are wonderfully kind-spirited women! Simply amazing, you all are! : )

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Chickenbells said... just need that don't you? Just to sit and not DO! The rain has stopped here for now...and I am praying for snow...I would love to see that! I have no plans for the weekend either...