Sunday, December 09, 2007


Come... put on your walking shoes.

Let's take a walk and enjoy the beauty.

Fall has finally arrived in the desert, along with a tease of winter. I had planned on spending yesterday in my my mom would say...

"Get out - and blow the stink off of you!"... terms of endearment.. truly! The clouds, sprinkles and breeze are balm for the soul...

...beautiful, isn't it??

Last night was a perfect night for a fire, favorite p.j.'s, and a yummy pot roast... all happy in my Le Creuset!

Have I told you that I love my Le Creuset sooo much that I take it with me up to the cabin when I go? (um, along with my favorite knife and wooden spoon... my trinity of cooking!)

The new book by Nicholas Sparks, The Choice, was a perfect activity to do today... an easy read and perfect for the day. (grab a tissue before the last few chapters, though)
Hmmm.... looks as if one or two of Santa's elves were busy while M and I ran to IKEA today!

Those sly guys.....

M and I headed over to IKEA to check out a new mattress for her. I love this place, but I also know that once you get in there, you can't get out without picking up tons of things you just KNOW you need! So, I've steered clear because of finances and determination.

Well, let me tell you! I can't BELIEVE what we walked out of there with and for the price!! One twin-size mattress, one complete set of twin sheets, one complete set of queen-size sheets (my absolute FAVORITE sheets are my pink ones from here... and a complete set - flat, fitted and two pillow cases comes to about $28.00!!!), a twin-size DOWN comforter, two FEATHER DOWN pillows, a red throw pillow, a tri-picture frame, two dish towels, a set of 4 drinking glasses, and a package of 100 tea lights.... all of this... for $262. That's it. !!!!!!!!


I'm thinking of making my vegetable soup tonight since I didn't last night... so I think I'll put a log on ... change into my loungy p.j.'s, maybe pour a glass of merlot and go whip up something 'wicked' in the kitchen! The sky is rolling with gray, heavy clouds and there is much to be grateful for and to celebrate. My wish is for your week to be peaceful and that you find time during it to wear your favorite p.j.'s, sip something yummy and enjoy the moment.


Chickenbells said...

What a wonderful day! I also love Ikea...and I swear the next time I come down, I'm going to make you take me...and we can go hungry and have lunch there too!! I adore all the wonderful things there, and I love the fabric selections as well...oh really? What's not to love?

Until then, I'm going to rest up and recover from the amount of money I spent today...I didn't get off with as good as a deal as you did...

Nonnie said...

sounds like a marvelous day.... from beginning to end. and i love your mother's saying! :)
seems i always have memory loss about IKEA until someone else mentions it and it is like.....i could have gone to IKEA!
since i've done more than half of my shopping now....i think i better stay away.

Anonymous said...

I love IKEA too! What a beautiful walk you have... very nice. Sounds like a great weekend on so many levels! Good for you!

Simplicity Wins said...

Sounds like a grreat day. Your pictures are great. And I LOVE your moms saying, its so true. And I feel the same way as Kim, I never think to go to Ikea and then when someone metions it I'm like Duh...I could have went to Ikea. I need new sheets, so maybe I will just have to head over there this week.

Jolene George said...

I swear that I wished you a happy birthday but I dont see it there. Just know how much I adore you and wish you the best. I have your package ready to mail. I've been so busy and haven't had time to go to the post office. I've got to get Chad's package ready to go out tomorrow so I'll take them both.
It sure is pretty where you live. Love the water! and I love roast beef! and I love IKEA! LOL!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

I put everyone's name in a hat and had on of my youn'ins draw names
Winner's are
original painting: Kansasrose!
Flassie's fil'a
The feathered nest
Kim @Midwest Musings
Diane@Rosa & Josie's
CJ@Sunshine & Shadows
Velvet Brick
See You There.
Y'all email me your addresses and have a great week-end

Jolene George said...

You have a package sitting on your front porch. I came by and dropped it off while I was in town. I got to pet a sweet stripped kitty sitting on your rock out front. I love your house, yard, and trees. You ended u with a great lot that has an extra big yard. Love it! I hope your package makes your weekend a little brighter. :o)

Jenny said...

I love IKEA too! Such savings, such great stuff!