Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's My Party!

Gifts, balloons, flowers, love, family and friends!

Yes, a party was had all day long yesterday to celebrate my humble existence on this planet. I always love starting the day at work because I get to have my name announced with the 'birthday's' during morning announcements and then up to the office I go to get my birthday sticker and my birthday balloon - a la Sheila! Then 'happy birthday' sung by my oh, so sweet class! My son surprised me at lunch with a so beautiful bouquet from my daughter and him...and lunch! It was wonderful spending time with him...so nice... so very nice. Sweet gifts and birthday wishes from my buddies at work who just never cease to amaze me with their kindness and generousity!

After work commitments, the ya-ya's and I met at our favorite little place - for celebrating, of course!

A little 'nectar of the gods' ...

courtesy of my new buddies from Montana, Jean and Ron! They were in the booth next to us and we all struck it up so well that they became such an honored part of our evening! (Thank you again, Ron and Jean, for your kindness and generousity! We all love you!)
Blessed am I to have so many amazing, kind, intuitve, supportive, funny, inspiration- al and strong women in my life! To ALL of my girlfriends.....everywhere....
Thank you for your friendship! Being a part of your lives is the BEST gift of all!


Nonnie said...

happy birthday to you.
it sounds like you had a wonderful day....your words give the feeling that you are someone who deserves such a tribute...obviously proven by the wonderful friends and people who were involved in your day long celebration! i raise a glass of "nectar of the gods" to you too (my favorite)!

i wish you a very happy, fulfilling year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Carol! I am glad that you have such good friends to make it so special for you!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!


Chickenbells said...

Oh happy happy birthday!! I had no idea...good heavens...I could have baked a cake, or run down there or something! Maybe called?

I love that last picture...I miss you guys so very much!!

I wish you a beautiful and calm year, with lots of good sweet surprises thrown in for fun...I hope you realize your true hearts desire and your birthday wish comes true!

Simplicity Wins said...

It is hard to me to express the gratitute and love I have for our friendship. You are so dear to me, I cherish what we have and pray we will always have it. You are such a wonderful friend and I am so blessed to have you in my life and honored to have been able to celebrate your birthday with you.

Mary Jo said...

Happy Birthday, VB!! It looks and sounds like you had a fantastic day, and you deserve the best!

May your celebrating continue on! :o)

Moron Family said...

ok that is it. I am giving my notice at my school and coming to work at yours!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday! There is nothing better than good friends!