Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baiting the Bees

The other morning I had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with my ya-ya's. We sat on R's back patio, draped in a veil of white netting around a table of strawberry scones, rich coffee and springy pink tulips. R's patio is a haven for birds and bees, literally! I was captivated by the most happy of french lavendar plants in, of all things, a chiminea stack! This plant was big, airy and a banquet for the sweetest of honey bees! They lazily floated from purple blossom to tiny purple blossom as the morning sun kissed their gossamer wings. A soft buzz sang as these worker bees enjoyed their morning feast and it was mesmerizing to watch them go about their business; unaware that they were entertaining a soul of nature. I realized that I wanted a happy lavendar plant with buzzy bees on my patio, too!

So off I went on my quest. It took me to Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot and Trader Joe's...the later having two french lavendar plants....they were harder to find that I had thought! A big terra cotta pot from Wal-Mart was the container of choice and a bag of garden soil for their foundation.

As Ross laid nearby, I planted my lavendar with tender care...not wanting to break off any of the precious, fragrant stalks. A soft shower of water to freshen and clean it up afterwards was all it needed.

My bait has been set.

Oh, bees....!!!!


Martha said...

Hey, Carol. I haven't checked your blog in a few days and have just now got caught up on things. I am so sorry to hear the news about Ross. I will be holding you extra close in my heart as you deal with this new test of your spirit. I know it is strong!

Oh my gosh, Maggie is absolutely beautiful and looks so much like her mom!

We have a cactus in the front yard that blooms only once a year in the spring with the most beautiful purple flowers. It is swarmed with bees. They must be in heaven. I love this time of the year!

Love you!

kimberly said...

my rosemary is such a bee happy you had time to be with your ya ya' and all that good stuff you share!

Just Joni said...

How wonderful that you were able to share some time with your Ya-Yas. We must both have lavender and bees in our spring-filled heart. I posted a lavender picture taken from an outing my daughter took me on last summer and then I meandered on over here to find fragments of my own thoughts...spring is in the air, love it!

Susie of Arabia said...

Lavendar - now THERE's a pick-me-up!

Chickenbells said...

Yay bees!

Wait, what happened to Ross?!?! Good lord...I thought I'd been better at checking in...I better go read the other post...

kimberly said...

thinking of you today, vb....hoping you are having good days and feeling loved!
hugs dear friend,