Saturday, March 14, 2009


.... where

time go ??


Cheela said...

I still remember that darling kindergartener not that many years ago. What a beautiful young lady she is today!! I agree, where does the time go????

Jane said...

She is BEAUTIFUL just like her mama! Thanks again for taking such good care of my Aly the other morning when she was having a rough morning. Are you sure you don't want to teach 3rd grade next year?

Have the best week off!!

barb said...

Maggie is gorgeous - good job!
How is Ross? e-mail me if you get a chance:
Have a great week!

N-Search of Peace said...

Blonde bed-headed baby of mine!

Senior pic's?

Want some!!

Just Joni said...

They do grow up entirely too fast. I was just looking at my daughter the other day thinking the very same thought...where DOES the time go? Well, rest assured you have raised a beautiful girl...she has an uncanny likeness to one of my daughter's friends...I had to do a double take! Funny when that happens.

Chickenbells said...


Those are the most beautiful pictures! I think that they capture perfectly the beauty that she has from within as well...this girl completely radiates beauty every time she walks in the room.

I wonder where she gets that?


GutsyWriter said...

I'm new to your blog and love the photos. I assume this is your daughter and yes she is beautiful. I love nature and coffee too. Hope to see you soon.

Kerri and Cameron said...

Those are gorgeous photos of a gorgeous young woman. You should be proud. Time flies, as they say!

Julie said...

Oh my! Those pictures are amazing. I just love that girl. I know that you are so proud of her...... you should also be proud of yourself. You have been an amazing mom!

love you,


kimberly said...

beautiful.beautiful. young lady....isn't it amazing that even when you are there every day....suddenly this baby girl is a young woman full of dreams and plans and how wonderful that we get to share in those too!

hoping you are joying in your days dear vb.....lovely!

Susie of Arabia said...

She's so beautiful!