Saturday, March 17, 2007

and they came...two by two

Well, sometimes the best laid plans go amuck... case in point...

After working so hard a few days ago to spruce up the back garden and create my own little herb container garden, I realized that, perhaps, placing catnip in a bucket with herbs was not so beneficial for the herbs! What do you think? The catnip on the left is looking a little sad. And coincedently, my two white cats are looking a little dirty! Oh yes...the joys of rolling in a dirt pail of catnip all night long! So, I've moved the catnip out and into a little spot all its own along the back wall garden. And in its spot, a lovely plant of sage!

On the flip side of gardening, my front yard garden is full of wildflowers getting ready to blossom...and one of my favorite flowers - irises!! This is the first one of 2007 - and I was so happy to practically skip over, stick my nose down deep and slowly inhale that oh, so delicate scent that only irises gift us with! I just adore irises...goes back to being a little girl in Ohio and having them along our back yard. I'd sit down on the grass, smell their heavenly scent and study their form... they are unlike anything else! I have more that will hopefully blossom during the next month or so...but just loved this little one yelling "IT'S SPRING!!"

Not to be left out was this little shot of Queen Anne's Lace... a romantic favorite! My front garden is full of this, but it's just beginning to bloom and will continue to bloom for at least a couple of months!
I spent today cleaning up, planting, watering and sprucing up my English Garden on the side of my house. It, too, was in need of some T.L.C. I need to take a pic of it soon.
Here's Bella.... checking out the iris and Queen Anne's Lace...
sorry Bella... no catnip in this one!

and here's Skittles.... just being Skittles.....
I'm now the proud mom of a new dog as of today... that makes two dogs. I'm not a 'dog person', but my son had to find a new home for his pooch until he has a place of his own, so Tank now joins our menagerie. He's a five month old golden lab/sharpei mix. He's huge. He's slobbery. He's dorky. He's a pup. And now he's ours...for a while. I just hope he doesn't think all of my hard work in my yard is his playground!
Good lordy, I live in a zoo!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your house is turning in to our house! We missed you on St. Patrick's Day! Hopefully we'll see you soon.


Chickenbells said...

Oh yes...all of life is a zoo isn't it? I am not a "dog" person either, although, I think if I had the time, and the right direction, I could really enjoy is. The good thing about cats is that you can pretty much leave them alone, and they're fine (as long as they can sleep on your head at night)

The flowers are so lovely, my mother would be so excited about your Queen Ann's Lace, we have a bit of a hard time growing it up here, and she's a huge Tasha Tudor fan, who seems to have it all over.

I am loving the springiness that is happening all over...allergies and all, it's worth it (although, I believe there is a chance of snow up here on Wed. oh Prescott weather!)

Simplicity Wins said...

You have been a busy girl. Your yard looks great! I am so glad you got out there....and your little adventure to Prescott.....How cool! I am so happy that you had a grat spring break! I started a blog too...check it out when you have time!