Sunday, March 11, 2007

it's true.... I'm having an affair

Yup, I must come clean... I'm having an affair this weekend. I had a few minutes between all of our escapades to confess. I know I should be descreet, but this man has consumed my thoughts, my actions, my every minute since Friday night. And at the risk of being unladylike, I must even admit to being so sore this morning..I can hardly walk!! But when you see him, you'll understand why. He's big and rippling with muscles everywhere! He's bald, but I find that quite attractive and it certainly is no detrement to our activities! He has arms that could crush every bone in my body, but yet, he's never hurt me. His smile is charming and truly belies his inner strength. And get this...he wears an earring! How naughty! He's such a rennigade! I've spent the last 24 hours with this guy, and geeeeshhhhhh!!! I AM SPENT!! I'd like you to meet the new man in my life...

You were expecting someone else ?!?!

It's officially spring break, and the M and I are in the throes of cleaning house... and I mean... CLEANING HOUSE!! Yesterday was brutal... I cleaned things that hadn't been cleaned in years! Three sets of mini-blinds - into the tub and cleaned and rinsed and put back up, five sets of curtains, cleaned and back up, five ceiling fans - cleaned and all glass globes washed, dried and put back on (which wasn't the easiest of jobs considering the family room ceiling fan is 14 feet up and has 5 globes to clean... I reach it by putting my ladder on top of my antique just barely fits, but if I climb to the almost top of the ladder, then I can reach up and do the job), sheets washed and line-dried, antique windows hosed off and cleaned, two 12 ft. high plant shelves washed and scrubbed, the foyer light cleaned (again, 12 ft. high...but with a ladder...), 12 ft. high front window washed, oven cleaned, bedroom dusted, about 8 loads of laundry done, rugs washed, various decorations taken outside and hosed off, sprinkler head replaced (thank you, son), hummingbird feeder washed and refilled, too-many-to-count spiderwebs gotten down (again with the ladder and an extended duster, I can reach the top of my family room ceiling (18 ft. high) where the spiders seem to congregate!), doilies washed (good lordy, how deceiving those little things are...they hold a ton of dust!), light fixtures throughout the house dismantled, cleaned (even the light bulbs!), burned out ones replaced and put back up, air filter changed out, and various other jobs that took our entire day. I was trashed when I went to bed last night and sore when I woke up this morning. But, I've already accomplished a lot this morning as the M and I plug our way through spring cleaning!

Our goal today is to finish the basics, washing down the oak railing (there's a ton of it), tackle her bathroom, lemon oil my cabinets and put everything back in order. Then we are trecking to Bath and Body Works for some girlie pampering items, popping into Walmart to restock paper towels, kleenex and other items, then heading down to Trader Joe's (the other guy in my life) for some spring flowers for both of our bedrooms and the kitchen! I plan on making chicken and dumplings for dinner, taking a hot, hot shower and toasting to a clean house.

Tomorrow... ? The back yard...and a new man to stir the dirt up with... John Deere.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You should have a party in that clean house!

Chickenbells said...

My did so much! I just concentrated on the outside, and STILL didn't get it all done...piles of needles and leaves and whatnot all over (I have to be careful walking in the night time!) Have you tried the Magic Sponge from Mr. Clean? That thing has no chemicals and can get all the gritty dirt of your fridge door's amazing and strangely addicting!

I think we should all get together for a girly day spa after all our hard work!

Meg said...

What a cute're making me think about getting the process started over here. It really is exhausting, just reading your list! Good job!!