Friday, June 22, 2007

The 'Cat' Days of Summer


And Gambit has found just the place to spend his hot summer days (and nights!).

M's bathroom sink. Cool. Curved. Quiet. The perfect place for a cool cat. (he was awoken by Miss Sadie when she visited the other weekend. She flipped on the bathroom light...and there he was! Get a load of those 'bedroom eyes'.

So, what does one do when the thermometer reaches 113 degrees??
Why, run around doing errands and shopping, of course!! I'm having a 'spa party' here tomorrow (if you EVER get a chance to try out the line of the natural products by SENSARIA, doooo!!! You'll have to restrain yourself from eating the cherry-almond body lotion and butter!) So, today was spent going to multi-places to get just the right things for munchies and such. I did manage to make time for myself and do something good for myself today (shock, I know...). I got a massage from my wonderful masseuse, Dianne. I've gone to her for about 5 years, after chiropractor visits didn't do the trick. She worked on clearing cogestion in my head, neck, shoulders and lower back...and I am sore! But it's a good sore and I feel so much better! It really is the best medicine for a chronic thing that I have going on with that area. I've hosed down the front of the house, dug up some aloe vera so that the 'cable guy' has a good access to that part of the house and I've made some veggie artichoke dip for tomorrow. This was my view as I chopped, mixed and sampled.
I have a few more things to do tonight, then I'll be all set for tomorrow.
What are your plans for this weekend?
...and what 'good thing for you' have you done for yourself lately?? hmmm?

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Chickenbells said...

Oh, what a sexy kitty! (both of you really) The spa party sounds wonderful...I need to give myself a feet are, a little scaly.

I am off to the Bluegrass Festival again, for a little picnic dinner in the park...I have been preparing all day, and am looking forward to it...good music and good food! Good friends too...