Monday, June 25, 2007

That Naughty Rabbit!

Oh Pe-tah!

Tonight, the book club ladies assembled here for a cinematic celebration of that wonderful artist and author, Beatrix Potter. Kelly and I had wanted to see the movie 'Beatrix Potter' when it first came out several months ago, but our schedules just didn't seem to mesh so that we could. So when it came out in DVD, we jumped at the thought of having a movie night here! I eagerly unpacked and set out all of my Beatrix Potter items, and there are many! I've been a fan of hers for over 20 years, and when dear Miss M was born, her nursery was done entirely in Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit! I crossed-stitched a blanket, a birth sampler a pillow and a room sign all in this delightful theme! It really was a dream come true to welcome her in this enchanted world of bunnies and charm!

So tonight, we assembled with food (we don't ever assemble without food!) and let the good time begin! Above, you see Peter checking out a new drink that I made in honor of our evening.

I named it 'Naughty Rabbit"...and it was quite a hit! Here's the recipe:

Naughty Rabbit

2 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. carrot juice
splash of triple sec
splash of vodka
diet 7-up
whipped cream

Pour pineapple juice and carrot juice in glass. Add triple sec and vodka. Stir. Fill glass with 7-up. Stir gently.
Top off with whipped cream (da bunny's tail!).

*You can make this delicious drink without the alcohol, if you choose. If you make it without, then you call it a "Bad Bunny".

Of course, no celebration of Ms. Potter's talent (and that impetuous bunny) would be complete without carrot cake! Ms. Kelly did
Peter proud with a beautiful carrot cake from Paradise Bakery... get a load of this decadence! Somehow, dessert just seemed to be the favorite tonight. Must be the carrots!
The movie was purely delightful, and critics who panned it don't know bunnies about portraying Ms. Potter! I could easily see it again, and I learned so much about her that I had never known! Simply delightful!
I'm off to put the books, the baby blanket, the pillow, the figurines...and all the other collectibles away. Then bedtime for this bunny.


Chickenbells said...

Oh fun!! I have no desire to see the movie, which is odd because I've always loved Ms. Potter...and usually movies I "don't want to see" turn out to be such lovely surprises. I am wanting to make a pitcher of that drink and become a drunk bunny...oh bad, bad me...

Coleen said...

As I was reading this post my son happened to walk by and see the picture of your carrott cake. (He LOVES carrott cake!) Offen times you can find me looking for idea on recipe sites, so he assumed that was what I was doing and shouted "Dad mom's finally gonna make carrott cake!"

Looks like I am.... thanks for the inspiration!