Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ebb and Flow

be it good or seems to be around us.
I apparently ordered a 'super-size' order of the bad, for the last week has been a rather trying one... a combination of odd events that all piled up lead to one big heap... such as:
- the erroneous assumption and subsequent activities by someone on the internet to bring discord my way
- learning of the death of an aquaintance's husband. I'm not easily, truly 'shocked'. This time I was...and in truth, still am. I still am.
- still trying to take better care of my health and turn this situation around so that I feel better
- further acceptance of the dissolution of what was to be forever
- for some 'little girl' reason, missing my mom more than usual
...... and a few other things
I woke up yesterday unable to move my head to the neck felt so pulled! After taking a few minutes to breathe and listen carefully to my body, I realized that my whole upper back, my shoulders from one side to the other and up the back of my neck into my head are just racked in pain! I mean to the point that I feel like I am carrying a bag of rocks in those areas. I feel like my head, my sinuses, my eyes are congested. Maybe stress has settled into me? I called up the place where I get theraputic massages and I made an appointment for Friday afternoon....for 1 1/2 hours worth of work on this bod o' mine. I have a little get-together planned on Satuday, so I will clean house Friday morning and then go get, literally!, worked on!
But with the crash of waves, calm ripples follow.
As I drove to pick up Miss M from work last night, I took a look to the southern sky. There, in it's big arched stage, was the constellation Scorpio.... just as magnificent as ever! And this guy wasn't alone.... I believe it was Venus that was saddling up to its left, like a scorpion holding a flashlight. Looking at this creation instantly sends me up the highway to that little corner of Earth that smiles for me, for many a night I have silently held the night forest in my stare out my bedroom window, with Scorpio as my companion for whatever gift the forest offers out of its inky density. To my right, the cresent-slivered moon slowly fell to the Earth; starting out luminiscent and creamy...only to blush as she slipped below horizon's cloak.
Five days of school left, then I'll REALLY be on vacation! Sprinkler systems slowly being resolved, and the facade of England and the mountain forests coming back to life again (in a desert climate that is hitting 111 degrees today)! Bills all paid. Gas in my car. Food in my kitchen. My children are healthy. A job that I adore and which enriches me beyond. Friends that I love and cherish and am so dang blessed to have!
the tides are receeding and gifts are at my feet....


Simplicity Wins said...

Oh my goodness...seems like things took a turn for the worst for you. I hope things begin to look up for you soon.

Chickenbells said...

How lovely you were choosing to shift it all at the end there...Remember, Mercury went into retrograde on the 15th, so it may be a bit trying in communication, signing of contracts, or anything legal...and electronics may be a little up in the air. I've had to take several steps back from people and situations and try to make some room to breathe and really calm down and not be too attached to what's happening...I'm trying not to take things personally.

I love that you're taking care of yourself by getting some body work done...I am off to a friend's husband for some energy work, kind of like the fun we had when we last got together, only I'll be receiving some specifics for me this time...I'll keep you posted...

Hang in there, keep breathing and checking in with your body (I'm so proud of you!)