Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Morning, Good NIght, Good Bye

This is what greets me each morning as I pull into my spot at work... a beautiful Bird of Paradise bush.

How can one not smile when they see this everyday??

Sunset the other night set the sky on fire... a slow burn with embers pulling up a blanket of steel blue, then sinking into black.

*Lucky boy, may you run with the breath of spirited wind towards those who went before you. Tell Mom that I love and miss her. God's speed, old boy... God's speed.


Chickenbells said...

Beautiful my dear...I am loving all the colors in AZ this year...and since I'm out at all hours torturing myself...I mean, walking to "get in shape" I'm seeing them all! Thanks for sharing...I love your flowers so very much!

Jolene George said...

I love birds of paradise. They are so pretty.
So sorry about your little piggy. You are a braave, strong wiled girls to tackle the big ol' tree despite the pain.
Thanks for the tag. I'm one of the 7 who haven't been to New York, but would love to.

Anonymous said...

I thought my black car might have been in your picture! They do keep each other company!