Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Passing Milestones ... And Time

Sit back, put your feet up... come join me.
This is how I've spent the last 7 hours of the day...since 8 am to 3 pm, basically. All centered around cars.
Hit a milestone today. My 'baby'. Sixteen. Took her eeeeeeeearly this morning to get her official driver's liscense. The real deal. She passed with ease (although, the DMV person dinged her for not coming to a complete stop at the line of the 'stop' sign.... maybe she'll heed the advice coming from someone else instead of 'mom') and is beyond excited! Why am I a combination of happiness and dread? anxiety? nervousness? I was fine while waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and wa...etc.) for her to do her road test. But I think as the realization of this milestone is sinking in, my maternal fears are waking up. Given my current situation (getting divorced), there are many days that I am just fine with the whole situation...focused, determined, strong, forging ahead. Then there are days when it (the situation) walks along side me... taunting me and teasing me about how life was, and how different it is now. Today is one of those days. It reminds me how I took my son for his liscense and how, as a family of 4, we all celebrated his milestone. That won't be happening today, and it's making sure that I realize that.
So, after swapping cars with wonderful son, whose car we used since it's only the size of a ski boat, as opposed to my car - the size of a barge, I headed down to a wonderful car wash place to get my car detailed, inside and out. A feline of unknown identity mistook my car's backspace for a litter box and peed in it. I am so cautious to always close my windows and moon roof so that this very thing DOESN'T happen...but it did anyway. Couple that with a spilled mocha light wet half venti extra whatever cafe latte, and my car was looking (and smelling) sad. So, I plopped down on their black leather sofa in the waiting room, pulled out about 6 magazines from my Trader Joe's bag (I carry about 12 around...they date back to early 2006 - uh, I have some catching up to do...) and proceeded to put my feet up and read for the next 3 hours while my car was given an extreme makeover! After they wheeled my car out, I felt like I was driving a new car off the lot! It's gorgeous and smells fabulous!! So nice to start the school year off in a 'new car'!
Oh lovely...Allstate just had a commercial on that states that every year, 16,000 teenagers drive off......and never come back.
.... where have the years gone ?


Chickenbells said... wonderful! I am so glad that the car turned out so smelly good all this wet rain/humidity summer, I can only imagine your car smelling like some caffeined-cracked up cat box party spot!

And, I know how these milestones can hit you when you get to celebrate in a new's a little hard sometimes, but now you can create your own little ceremonies...which is good too!

Congrats to the girl!!! Tell her not to be in such a hurry at those stop signs...

Simplicity Wins said...

Congratulations to Maggie! She will be fine, she is a smart girl and makes good decisions. I am excited for your "new" car. I shoud treat my car to a detail, it sure needs it.

Anonymous said...

M is an amazing girl with a wonderful head on her shoulders. This is because she has a great mom!! It is hard to let them out on their own but also very needed!!

It will all be okay............ I promise!!