Saturday, August 11, 2007

This Little Piggie Went ..... &^(*!@)(#**#^^@*#& !!!! ... All The Way Home

...and it's still squealing it's little head off! I had big plans for today. I was going to fire up the chainsaw and take to my alleppo pine tree that stately shelters my English garden on the side of my house. Over the last 3 weeks, I had carefully surveyed, assessed and decided on a select number of limbs that needed to be removed. I'm talking 10 foot limbs here. This was the weekend to do it as 'big bulk trash' pickup is this coming week; where the town hauls off stuff like that for free! Oh joy! I even wrote it on the calendar so that nothing would interfer with my plans!
Until yesterday.
As I was taking care of a situation in the room, my toe met the back leg of little D's chair. It happened in an instant and I saw stars. Lots of stars.
I gamely finished taking care of the situation, hobbled back to my desk and looked up at the corner of the ceiling and said a bounty of words under my breath. (later, my I.A. said she was really impressed that I didn't say any bad words outloud!). As the throbbing increased, my thoughts turned to today. &*&#(*$#* !!
So, this morning, I decided to assess the situation with an open mind and agenda. Let's just say that getting my flip-flop on to walk out and water my tomato plant was purely dicey. It's still throbbing, I can't move it and it looks like a big plum is stuck on my toe! I don't think there's any safe way that I'm going to lace up shoes, drag out my ladder, fire up my chainsaw and hike myself up into a tree to give it a trim. Man, how can something so small keep something so big down for the count???? ^&*#&$@* !
So, I'll settle on a trip to Costco, a nearby trip to a restaurant supply store for an apron and staying inside the house. Oh well. My dusty furniture, dirty laundry and backlogged checkbook will be thrilled for some much needed attention.
$#*^%$# !!


Simplicity Wins said...

Oh, your poor little piggy! Please don't go on that ladder alone, Call me and I will come help you. I don't really think I could catch you if you fall off but maybe I can hold the ladder so that wont happen. Or better yet, I can get on the ladder and just do it for you, I am a tad younger and all my piggies are in good shape. Love you!

Chickenbells said...

Damn. That is horrible news. Your poor little piggie!! But, what a beautiful pedi...

I woke up this morning late and decided to take a long walk, and my shoes gave me multiple blisters and rubbed the bottom of my right foot raw. Hmmm...I wonder if there's a foot conspiracy here!