Friday, May 23, 2008

School's Out For Summer!

180 days.... have come and have gone...

lessons taught, papers graded, meetings had, calls returned, attendance taken, duties covered, report cards completed, conferences held, tears soothed, laughs giggled, questions answered, stories read, problems pondered, support offered... among other things.

It's time to put this year to bed. Time to clean and stack and store for summer's reign. My kiddos love this their desktops with shaving cream! I crank up the theme of 'Mission: Impossible' and we go to work! They load up bags and backpacks with the rememnants of our year and can hardly wait to become official 'second graders'!

I was surprised yesterday with a gift from my class.

While I was in Atlanta, my beautiful sub (who is also one of my 'mom's') had my kiddos write me letters for a book. Inside, each child wrote me a 'Top Cat' letter...and their kindness and pictures are heart-felt, tender, honest and pure. It's a beautiful book of hearts and spirits - the things that make my job so much of a blessing.

My kiddos and families certainly spoil me!

The last two weeks are always crazy with so much to do, so much to wrap up...both in front and behind the scenes, so to speak. I am totally wiped. I'm getting together with some friends later on, then I am sleeping...for as long as I want to.

Until Tuesday.

Then it's back to school to get ready to teach summer school.

... ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Nonnie said...

first of the music....brody and i are sitting here grooving.....and laughing!
your words remind me of when cassie was teaching....and we'd sometimes visit at the end of the year...seeing her pack things up....and reading all the wonderful things her kids wrote....fond memories....and i am sure that you are a well-loved teacher....1st'd love to hear about that some time! :) and what a sweet parent/sub...makes such a difference to have parents like that...and love the shaving cream grandkids love using it on the bathroom tile wall while taking a bath! :)
thanks for sharing....and hope you treat yourself.....til tuesday...!

Just Joni said...

very fun and inspirational to see how your school year was wrapped the shaving cream idea...I've been told First Graders were the best to teach...lucky you!

Enjoy your rest ~

Chickenbells said...

Oh...congratulations on another year down!!

I agree with Alex,you are quite beautiful...although, I've never seen you write (that I can recall) so I can't vouch for the speed of that...What a thoughtful and lovely gift from the kiddos this year...

Rest up baby!!

Jolene George said...

Awww...look at your empty classroom. I LOVE the letters from your sudents. How sweet is that?! My kids last day is today. My mother in law finished up last week. We celebrated by taking her to dinner this past weekend. She is so excited to relax this summer. I hope you get a lot of that relaxation stuff too. :o) Now that you're out of school we will have more opportunities to meet during the summer. The idea of that makes me smile! :o)

Cheela said...

I love what the kids wrote, Carol!!

Jill said...

Woo Hoo! School's out for me too... but... no summer school. Hang in there. I am trying to purge the mess that I call home... garage sale in a couple of weeks... or at least a dumpster full of junk!
My fourth graders love the shaving cream clean up as well... and it smells so good.
Hope you can catch some time to relax... you deserve it!