Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Taunting Tree

Let's pour a glass of limeade and catching up on things, shall we? The week past has been crazy. Yes, school ended and I should be on vacation... but I am teaching summer school - which started last Wednesday. So there has been no rest for the weary... and weary I have been. Tummy trouble, little sleep, a million things going on, daughter's birthday, an all-day workshop, setting up my room at a different school (which means dragging all of my manipulatives, games and other things that I'll need for my summer school kiddos - all 52 of them!), worries about a couple of things....The end of school is anything but 'winding down'. Au contraire, mon amiee! You kick into an adrenaline rush two weeks before that last day and you literally ride that rush for two weeks. It affects how you eat, how you think, how you sleep (or rather, don't sleep), whether you take your meds/vitamins, what you drink, how you relax (or don't). Needless to say, the body is beat by the time you lock your door for that last time. Your mind tells you that you made it to the end of school - now go home and rest! But I couldn't. The result was an ornery tummy that ruined most of my week. I was frequently found in bed asleep as early as 5 pm a couple of evenings.

This morning I slept in until 8 am. Making my coffee, I decided that I had earned a low-key day. Yup...this little gal was going to read all day long, save for a load or two of laundry. Nothing major. Just a rest and 'feel better' kind of day. Then it happened. When I was standing at the kitchen sink. I glanced out the window. And there it was! THAT %*&^*&$!@# MULBERRY TREE WAS TAUNTING ME!!

"Hey you - look at me! Look at these new limbs shooting up from where ya whacked me last summer! And just imagine how big and heavy I'll be when they grow up! Yup, lady...I'm your worst backyard nightmare - and I'm just going to have a ball today while you sit on your butt - doing nothing!"

Something inside me got ornery! I think I even actually swore at that tree (shocking, I know - not)! Before you could sing 'Take it Easy' by the Eagles, I was dressed in combat gear (shorts, tank top, bandana and my garden crocs) with my pruning shears in hand. And that's all it took! Naturally, look who shows up to lend a paw.... the Gamby Baby!

Limbs were everywhere! Yes! And more pruning was done to tidy up the mess. Yes!! Before long, I could smell the scent of victory drifting over the light breeze that graced the 98 degrees!

....the wild cat of the Serengeti hides among the camoflauge..watching for his chance to make his move....

such a loyal helper.....

One thing led to another, which eventually led to the chain saw, and another tree that was just begging to be 'attended to', shall we say... and the result was this! Excellent!

*May I just say how much I love my chain saw! Someday I hope Santa will bring me one on a pole... do you KNOW WHAT I COULD DO WITH A CHAINSAW ON A POLE!!????!!!

...but I digress....

And 'digress' I did....right into the garage to add more coolant and windshield wiper fluid to my Tahoe. A quick trip around the block to check all systems and it was back to the backyard.

Sights were then turned to my gardens which were in need of some much-needed tending. Dead spring plants removed, weeds pulled, new beefsteak tomato plants sunk into dirt and cages carefully placed around them, basil with a new home, garden art showered and repositioned, snail vines coaxed along light strands on the wall, sage pruned back as well as the catnip, compost watered and turned, tools washed off, Miracle-Grow sprinkled about, pine needles raked up, an almond tree gets a shower.

<--- these little guys are 'volunteers' straight from my composting bin! They were growing out of the side slat so I planted them and voila'!! Cherry tomatoes happy as clams!
I just can't say 'good-bye' to Autumn if I don't have to! And these two guys say that I don't! So hang with me fellas, as long as you wish!
Before I knew it, five hours had past. A hummer, who had been chatting up a storm all day at me from atop my Jacaranda, scolded me for having not had anything to eat beforehand and for working too long in the hot Arizona sun.
Maybe he's right. Maybe the work is done for today.
... geesh! Everyone has to get in their two-cents worth!

Oh, all right. I'll call it a day. Ohhh..but wait! Just a little bit of orneriness lingers...

ahh...yes! I think I'll have a seat in my new adirondak chair (you realllly must check this spring green plastic one out at Home Depot - 10 bucks!) and sip a spell of limeade...surveying my work and giving gratitude for the taunting tree! I feel great!, where's my book....


Jane said...

You go girl! Way to get back at that taunting tree, you showed him! There really is nothing better than a hard days work, especially one spent outside. I hope you find time to relax tomorrow. I am loving my summer break. I hope summer school passes quickly for you, and you can put school behind you for a bit! I hope that today did the trick and you are feeling tons better.

Nonnie said... the new banner, vb....and i had to take a nap after reading about your day yesterday! :) hope you did get to sip that limeade and read....but days like that tend to invigorate us....i'm hoping to get ornery today too.....hope it is as productive a day as yours was! :)

Chickenbells said...

Ohhhh...I tell you what you could do with a chain saw on a pole...come to my house and I will hire you to cut my tree limbs. Lordy. Every time I either pull up to or away from Foolsewoode, I do everything in my power to direct my gaze is in some mighty fuzzy shape. I promised myself that I would work in the yard when I get home today...but we'll see.

I hope that you're feeling better. And holy moley...isn't that A LOT of kids to be summer-schoolin? Good gravy...good luck with that. I think they should pay you for each kid, and then pay you double for each over 15...just trying to get you more $$...

Jolene George said...

Poor dear Carol. No rest for the weary. You are a real trooper.
I have to smile when I think of the little powerhouse that you are while using your chainsaw.
Is there going to be any time off work inbetween summer school and the fall new year starting? I sure hope so. You'll need it. It's important to give your body and mind a little break.