Friday, May 02, 2008

As Lenny Kravitz says....

I want to get awayyyy! I want to flllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awayy.... Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Saturday morning at 7:05 am I am rolling down runway 26 left (or right, depending on variables) towards Atlanta, Georgia! Five colleagues and I are attending the International Reading Association's annual conference - which is in Atlanta this year. It has been a grueling week of getting plans, notes (uh, 9 pages for the sub), materials and everything else ready so that I can be gone for the four school days. We also hosted our annual Curriculum Night and I worked the Book Fair for my dear pal, K (who is going with me on this trip and is my room mate! Woohoo!) My mind is pretty much mush at this point...
But do you know what I am so excited about??!!??? Those of you who know me doooooo -
Check out this plane, baby! It's a Boeing 767-300ER and I have never flown on a 'seven-six-seven' before!!
I've been all over the internet checking out the stats for this beauty and I can hardly believe the luck of this being our aircraft for our flight tomorrow!! WWWHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Okay...I am punchy tired and need to go upstairs and iron and pack for 6 days of 'so-outside-my-box-I'm-not-even-worried!' fun!
I'll wave 'hi' to you as I fly overhead!! WOOOHOOOO!!!


Nonnie said...

i didn't know that! i do...and you are hilarious! are you sure you shouldn't be the one flying that thing? move?

i hope you have such a fantastic time.....not all work and no play.....and hope you land softly vb! :)

Jane said...

Have the best time ever! I hope you get to play and relax a little bit too.

Be safe and have lots of fun.

Cheela said...


Have the best time. Please find Carmen Agra Deedy for me!!! I wish I was going with you. I loved this conference when I went two years ago.

You deserve this trip!!

Simplicity Wins said...

Have a great time VB. On the flight and in Atlanta. We are over due for a get together when you return. Miss you!

Chickenbells said...

I wish I was going with you...have a safe and FUN trip!!

Jolene George said...

Oh my gosh! How fun! I want to go to Georgia...mainly to go to Paula Deen's restaurant, the lady and sons. My kind of good home cooking. Have fun on your trip.

Nonnie said...

happy mother's day, dear vb!!! hope you are loved and appreciated today!