Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Beautiful Mother's Day Gift

It's Mother's Day...a day the comes with many mixed emotions for me. I made my way early this morning to 'visit' my mom and grandma at the cemetary. This is always hard, as I miss my mom terribly. Plain and simple. I miss her.
I did a bit of driving around afterwards...trying to let being home in the valley sink into my bones after being gone a week in Atlanta (more on that trip in a later post). I was picking up some goodies at Trader Joe's when my son called to firm up plans for he and my daughter to take me to lunch.
We hopped in the car and immediately, David told me that first, he had a surprise for me. He started driving south east of where we should have been heading, and neither he nor my daughter would say why...only 'It's a'll see!' Before long, my daughter reached around me to cover my eyes so that I wouldn't get a clue. After a little bit, and some fancy driving by my son, we parked. Eyes still covered, he told me that he had bought himself a present, and then my daughter turned my head to the right and uncovered my eyes.
And this is what I saw....
The newly marked lot of a brand new home...
My son has bought his first home!!!
I sat dumbfounded and in tears....
this is such a wonderful, amazing thing and I am thrilled for him to make this step in his life! We quickly got out and he 'showed' me his kitchen, the living room, dining room, garage... AND IT'S GORGEOUS!!
Actually, we went over to the models and I am just in awe of what a beautiful home this is!! It's two-story, with a sit-in master bedroom, tons of storage, a beautiful kitchen!!...everything about it is amazing and wonderful! A home that I would be totally happy in!! I am so happy for amazed and so excited for him! Move-in date will be in October and we are all excited for him. To the point that I took him and my daughter out for lunch - I had to treat my wonderful children and congratulate them for their successes and for making my Mother's Day such a beautiful one.
I hope this day found joy blessing you, as well. Happy Mother's Day!


Nonnie said...

i love that they were so excited to surprise you....and it obviously was something they wanted to share.....awesome....and i know exactly that feeling...of being so happy for them and proud...that sounds exactly what a mom would do.....take them out to lunch to it!
glad you had a wonderful day with your children, vb....also celebrating a wonderful YOU.
hugs dear friend!

Nonnie said...
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Cheela said...


This is wonderful about David and his house!! What a great Mother's Day present!!

I agree with your comment about missing your mom. I miss mine every day!

I am anxious to hear about Atlanta.

Simplicity Wins said...

Happy Mothers Day! and a huge congratulations to David. What an awesome experience for him...and I love that they surprised you.