Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Taunting Tree - Episode 2

When last we left our heroine, Velvet Brick, she had just made peace with her mulberry tree, albeit with a chain saw. Serenity covered the back yard and all seemed well in this corner of the world. Until... well... let's let her explain how this all went down... and we do mean D-O-W-N !

I am finally feeling human again! After crashing in the afternoon yesterday and sleeping for almost 12 hours, I am coming to terms with the end of school, the beginning of summer school and the easing into summer-time days. A good buddy of mine, Steve-a-rino and his friend had a date with my back patio cover. The dang thing has had a case of wood rot that has, literally, caused it to begin to crumble. So the boys showed up bright and early yesterday for some demolition and reconstruction! They know their way around a saw and hammer and, despite my offers to help and concern for tetnus should they step onto a rusty nail, they shoo-shooed me off to school and said it was all under control! And it was! My patio looks spanking new again!! This afternoon I skipped outside to admire their craftmanship and re-hang my wind chimes when it happened....that tree off my patio...the one with the huge, half-dead limb from last year's freeze, the one that waves to me at my bedroom window with it's gnarly, dead sticks for fingers.......was taunting me.

'Well, well... what have we here? A face-lift for the patio! How lovely. Too bad my sorry-looking branches detract from it all. But what can you do about it, Little Miss Pink Top with Chocolate Brown Capris all ready for an evening of reading and relaxation?!!

Well....... for one thing, I can get out my ladder and know... my chain saw.

I can also look on the internet for instructions on how to trim a 5-inch limb in such a way as to make it fall in a certain direction.

I can also decide to just wing it the best I can, letting gravity to most of the work and pray for a little luck (I so did not want to call my buddy and explain how I now needed a repair job on my patio cover!!)

Ahhh... the scent of victory skips on the breeze again... and 15 feet of limb awaits for bulk trash pickup!

Let peace and serenity reign again!


Nonnie said...

you are one mean chain saw totin mama!!!!!! and you sound like me....when something needs to be done....DO IT!....but i think i would need a few chain saw lessons first!
so glad it fell....and fell the right way! :) "TOWANDA"!

Anonymous said...

I love you in your brown capri's!!

Should we start sing the lumberjack song?

Love you like a crazy women!

paige said...

what a hoot!
summer school teacher-truly is no rest for the weary.
can't wait to hear more of your summer

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

You made me laugh!!
That was great.
xoxo Nita

Cheela said...

Hi Carol,

Glad your patio is looking good and your trees are trimmed and "tamed."

Chickenbells said...

Good for you! The back looks perfect now doesn't it?!?! You are too good...My mother just alerted me to the fact that my GG found a good man to do outside trimming, and I am toying with the idea of having him over for an estimate of some "problem" dead branches that are taunting know, by hanging OVER the house? Ugh...they need to go. I'm just waiting to stop saving up from the cat's dental emergency...

Jolene George said...

LOL! You sure know how to get things done around the house, don't you?! Confidence is one thing you don't lack. Your rebuilt patio looks great too.
One day I hope to have trees...even ones with branches that taunt me. I sure miss them.

Nonnie said...

just checking in vb....making sure you aren't stuck under some tree branch, hollering for help!!!! take care dear friend!
kimberly said...

Oh My goooodnessss!! You are amazing!!!! All that trimming?? ppplease be careful!! ;)