Saturday, June 28, 2008

When The Train Rolled In, I Was Somewhere Else

When did the 'Vision Board' train roll into town?? And why didn't I jump on board? I'm amazed at how much this 'vision board' thing has grown!

Who knew??!!??

The responses and comments I've received have really been enlightening. I loved Chickenbells' comment on my post 'The Visionary'...she has 3 vision boards! Who knew?? And my friend, Kimberly, said that her daughter has one hanging in her house as well! Who knew?? And a new blog friend, somepinkflowers, is going to make a new one....having said the first one worked! I guess 'vision boards' have been around for quite a while!

Who knew??!!??

Yesterday, I ran up to a wonderful scrapbook store and I was able to just browse and shop and poke around without time constraint, worry about others and their schedules, concerns or was decadent! I haven't done that in ages. I was shopping for something that I could use to make tacks, pushpins, whatever you call them for my 'vision' board. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, but I knew it would be just the thing if I saw it. I came home with a few goodies...especially a package of wonderful glazed brads...


How cute are these little gems?? Pink, burgandy, patterned, flowery, striped...

I think these just might do the trick!

ahhh, yes......

I selected several of the large ones.... there are so many cutie bugs, it's hard to not do them all! hmm....wait a minute... I just might!

Then I bent the brad prongs apart and worked each prong back and forth until it broke off.... voila'!

This left a perfect little 'cap' which would cover the top of a clear push-pin perfectly!

Oh, don't you just love it when a plan comes together??

A little dab of super glue was all it took to secure a push-pin onto the brad cap. So easy!!

...the other brads can hardly wait for their turns!...

patience, little ones....

See??? Everyone gets a turn!

Now they are all set to hang my visions and wonders and goals on my board.

My board... my board, you ask?

Well, it is still blank. Just as it appears in my header. I look at it all during the day. And I think about it. But there is something about the cleaness...the blankness...the openess of it right now that I am just taking in. Part of me thinks I should be putting lists, pictures, articles and things on it But I must just reflect, think, ponder before placing something on it just for the sake of having something on it... (sorry if that sounded a bit redundant). I have a few ideas swimming around in my head. Some possibilities. But trusting myself, I will know when it is time to construct, create and post. It is soon, that much I know.

Yesterday, on Oprah's show (sidenote here...God bless that woman. She drives me nuts with her tacky yelling of a guest's name, her constant reply of 'And so....' and her ego - man, I'd love to take that on with my chain saw!....but she's endeared herself to me with her last two shows on this 'Power of Attraction' subject) she had the three women return for another show on 'The Power of Attraction'. Martha Beck, Louise Hay and another woman were back to continue the topic of how one can attract that which they seek and need. They really covered the 'vision board' concept and included several examples of their own boards. My friend, J, and I watched the show; calling each other during commercial breaks and yakking about what great ideas they had just talked about in the last segment! Ms. J is already envisioning her 'vision board'...and it will be fantastic!

Do you have a vision board? If so, what visions and dreams do you have on it?

If not, what visions and dreams would you put on it for yourself if you had one?

Michael's craft store. White foam core board. Less than 4 bucks. Go get one.

Happy visions! : )


(giggle.... get it? all aBOARD! foam core BOARD?? okay, I'll stop now... : )


KathrynAntyr said...

You are a clever one! I love this idea. I found you at Miss V's party. I have party hats, baubles, and moondancing at my tea party. Oh, I must run lots of mingling to do. said...

Hi lovely!!!!!!!!!! I can see you dancing on the mountian from here!! xoxoxo

Nonnie said...

i am hoping after the 4th (our last shindig for a while) to get started on mine.....i loved reading about your lovely time in your wonderful scrapbook only problem brain just quits working in those gets overwhelmed and just shuts down!!!!!!but i go anyway! :) and walk mindlessly around all the aisles for hours too!
i like the idea of it being blank until you FEEL something to put on it....i love that it is your new header....
i'll let you know when my brain functions enuf to get mine together!
hugs and thanks for the visit! i am by no means a photographer...but had a fun time!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

visiting from fanciful twist; nice brads... i would be reluctant to use them

3rdEyeMuse said...

another visitor by way of the Mad Hatter Tea Party ... I've usually had books not boards, so a board sounds splendid!

Can't wait to see what you end up doing with yours. :) ~M~

inge said...

i never heard of a vision board... until now. I love your pins you made yourself ! Great idea !

There is so much I want to do, to achieve,... in my head... and my head is sometimes so full, maybe the visionboard can do the trick for me !
I'm still at the teaparties now, so I take another cake and Belgian wafle, a cup of tea or coffee and thinks about my dreams and my visions,...

You're welcome to join me !

Inge from Belgium

KathrynAntyr said...

Thanks for stopping by my tea party.

I do hope you can visit again. Feel free to post your photography questions. If I can I will answer them.

I also watched that Oprah episode and I've been thinking about starting a vision board. Now, if I can only peel away from my computer!


Chickenbells said...

Yay...what pretty baubles for you board! I just love them...and I'm mightily impressed with you for making them work in a better least I like them better.

I was looking at one of my vision boards today, and I was noticing that I had accomplished so many things on it...I was rather surprised.