Sunday, June 15, 2008

Transition, Tires and Telephones

There is so much going on within me the last 3 days. I've wanted to post, but the events have been unexpected and great; at least in my world. So bear with me as I move through these milestones!

Transition: moving from one realm or reality on to the next. This I have struggled with for 2 1/2 years. Today I can begin to say "I finally 'get' it." I took a step towards forgiveness and understanding. A step that I thought I had already taken, over and over before. But apparently I hadn't. I greeted my ex with a sincere "Thank you for being a great father to our children." We had a nice visit when they picked up M and again when they dropped her off. I felt hope for the first time in years that maybe he is okay...that things are okay. I've been reading a book "You Can Heal Your Life". It talks heavily about forgiveness. I thought I was the queen of forgiveness, but my step today told me that I am not...and have not been. Today was a small, beginning transition from burden to joy.

Tires: Bought myself a brand spankin' new set of tires for the Tahoe yesterday. Not really planned. But figured I'd better take good care of my Tahoe as it has to take good care of me. Besides, any smart mountain woman knows you don't go running off into the woods without your vehicle in fine shape. Consider me ready for a frolick in the forest!

Telephone: So, I figured I would call my dad and wish him a 'Happy Father's Day' this morning while I watered my garden. Afterwards, I set my cell phone down on the table in my English Garden and I specifically said to myself "DON'T GO SPRAYING IT WITH THE HOSE OR GETTING IT WET LIKE THE TIME YOU WASHED IT IN YOUR JEANS POCKET!! GEEESH!!" Well, I got a bit distracted taking some garden tape and a support post off the almond tree, which led to me to doing some cleaning around the patio, which led to me testing certain sprinkler stations to see if all heads worked correctly, which led to a cool shower, which led to me toweling off and getting a sudden thought of 'WHERE'S MY PHONE????', which led to me rushing downstairs buck-naked and slipping on my lime-green crocs, which led me to running around to the English Garden side, which led me to picking up my phone off the table...covered in sprinkler puddles of water. This all led me to my AT&T store.

When I say 'bear with me'...apparently I really mean 'bare' !!


Cheela said...

That must have been quite the sight!!!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

Oh my that is too funny! I am sorry to hear about your phone. When my son dropped his in the lake he took the battery off and then placed the phone in the oven on a cookie sheet over night. Worked good as new! (now I tell you huh?)

And I am so happy for you and your step towards more healing. Healing is like a onion and you sometimes just have to peel off one layer at at time. Keep peeling and you are going to be just fine! Another great book is "feeling buired alive never heal" It has a lot of good information in it.

Yay for your up and coming trip!!

Chickenbells said...

Curses!! That's just awful...not the nakey part, the phone part...nakey=good...destroying phone after you asked yourself not to=bad...or not, depending on what kind of new phone you got.

However...shifting into forgiveness and feeling it not because you SHOULD (because good girls do it this way) but because you really feel that matter how "strange" it feels at feels really good to be at that place...

I'm so proud of you.

Look how far you've come...

paige said...

you are always such a hoot!!

Nonnie said...

naked with lime green crocs....running around the english garden least you weren't getting icicles hanging anywhere with yesterdays temps!
forgiveness.....something that seems easy to talk about and do....until it isn't.....and i am sure it feels so much better forgiving, but sometimes we just aren't there yet...
and i am so happy you get to go frolic in the woods....enjoy