Monday, June 16, 2008

A Visionary

Last week I happened to catch 'Oprah'...twice in one day. Normally, I can't handle even one of her shows; however, this one was about acknowledging the energy that we all have within ourselves to attract what we want or need in our lives. One of her guests wrote a book that I'm currently reading - 'You Can Heal Your Life', of which I spoke about 'forgiveness' in my last post. Mentioned on the show, and in the book, is how your inner spirit has the ability to attract that which you seek for your life. Now, don't roll your eyes at me - just yet...'bare' with me for a moment! On the show, some videos illustrated how some women had created boards - visionary boards - which hang in their kitchen, bedroom, office...wherever. These women had taped, stapled, tacked and stuck pictures, notes, sticky notes, ripped out articles of whatever they wish for in their lives. Yes, it could be 'material' things such as a purse, vacation, special piece of jewelry, etc. Or, it could be something as sweet as love, a new career or job, a mended relationship, a healthier body, a cabin in the woods, writing a book that's settled in your mind, going back to school for that degree, finding peace. The point is that if you envision this in your mind and spirit, the universe has this tricky way of bringing that to you which you seek and need.

So, this got me to thinking as I read this book and reflect on being stuck in the mud, as I have been. I am such a visual learner... classic! Maybe this way of thinking would help me visualize what I want for myself - dreams, goals... and help me move on. I think I needed to make myself a 'vision board'.

This afternoon I dragged out all of my scrapbooking supplies and papers. I had stopped at a store and picked up a few sheets of some papers that I thought would make a soft background of pinks and greens...I am so into pink since being on my own!
I played around with it all for a while, letting it sort of design itself. I resisted the temptation for this to looked 'planned' or 'perfect' or 'show-y'. That, I felt, would defeat some of the purpose of my letting go...being open to new things instead of feeling like I have to control every minute detail about everything. I worked with what I had...and I made what I had work.

This is the result! A 'vision board' to hold my dreams, my wishes, my goals for my future.

I glued pretty papers to a big piece of foam board. Next, I gently glued pink gossamer ribbon along the edge to give it a soft touch.

Then I placed some mini quote stickers here and there: 'why not?' 'live your passion' 'chase life' and the definition of 'dream'.

Finally, and I think my favorite part, I think, are the letters in the upper left corner - 'visions for me'. Because that is what this board contains.... visions for me.

In the coming days, I'll be posting pictures, notes and doo-dads of visions that I have for me. Goals. Wishes. Dreams. What if's...?? I'm anxious to see what I envision for myself.

I haven't hung my board up yet...I'm cleaning up from the creative storm that blew through this house a few hours ago. But I think I'll be hanging it up in my bedroom - on the wall opposite my bed....where I can be reminded before my head lays on my pillow and again before my feet hit the floor of what my visions are for me.

What visions do you have for yourself? Hmmm?? Perhaps you might need a board, too!


Chickenbells said...

Yeah. I have THREE of these in my house at the present moment. One for relationships, one for my body and diet, and one for other more material things...Dina and I did these over a year ago, and we called them manifestation boards. We cut out magazine pictures and whatnot...I love them. They are each in the perfect room of my house, the relationship one in the bedroom, the body/diet on the fridge, and the other one is in my studio. I see each one every day, and even if I don't take time to really stand and look at them, I know that they are in my subconscious.

I am also very visual...which is why I love the idea of these reminders. I have also been known to write out things I want to attract in letter form, or in the form of being thankful for already having those things in my life. I also try to do a daily meditation, which is usually a visual guide for myself (the concentrate on your breathing and clear your mind doesn't work for me well...the picture a path, walk down it and what do you see? Is MUCH more effective) I also say things out loud (even when I'm alone) and read things I've written out loud. I believe all of those things help me to get clear about the things that I really want, and each one is a different act of the same play on the same stage...I think things need to be written, pictured and said out loud to the universe...

Plus? It seems like the more "modalities" you participate in, the more you can attract and rev up that energy within yourself, and you can really see the way things can change for you. Damn. This is an epic comment...but, I'm just so happy that you brought all of this up. Sometimes I forget why I DO things in my daily life...

Thank you (and I am LOVING all of the things you used to create your vision board...)

Jane said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! I think that you will find this to be a great source of peace and strength to you. I just love Louise Hay too. The things she says just ring true to me.

Good Job, I think maybe I need to make one for me too.

Nonnie said...

yeah for you, vb....jessamyn has one of these in their home...and i always enjoy looking at what she has placed on it.....but i am now thinking it would be a wonderful idea for ME too! goals, wihses, dreams....sometimes it is frustrating when we don't see least this would be a ways to "see" what is in our thanks for the extra little to plan!
hugs to you,

Jolene George said...

Okay I LOVE it! I'm very much a visual learner too so I think this is a great idea. Yours is very pretty!
No eye rolling from me. :o)

paige said...

love your creation!
you are always a delight