Monday, July 14, 2008


If you've been following the little ladybugs crawling up the sunflower, you'll see I'm just days away from the heading up north to my favorite place in the world - a beautiful log cabin tucked waaaay back into the forest! My ya-ya's and I have been going there each summer for the last 4 years and we truly look forward to it for sooo many reasons. I've made about 3 lists so far....heaven forbid we get settled in out in the middle of God's country and someone forgot to bring the orange juice!! We get a little crazy with all of the anticipation... guilty! We chat, plan, buy, create, make lists, replan, buy again, make some more and all the while, laugh and have such glee in being able to take this trip!

Yesterday was the perfect day, cloudy and rainy, to bake some banana walnut bread to take. These guys look like they're ready for Goldilocks! We'll be bringing enough food for a week, but that's all part of the fun, too!

Ya-Ya sister, B, is driving up Friday evening to join in the fun and merriment! She's such a wonderful woman (I love this gal!!) and the three of us are so excited that she's coming up to join us! : ) Six girls in one cabin in the woods = BLISS !!

So much planning is necessary. There's always the ya-ya ritual to begin our stay in the woods....a candle lit with a blessing for our stay....and one brought for our wonderful hosts, as well. And it's not unusual for special tokens to have made the trip, too. I can't show you any more than this....that would spoil the suprise...but I've been giddy for a month over this!!! Just plain giddy, I tell ya!!! I'm off to gather more goodies for the trip. Have a beautiful Monday!


Chickenbells said...

Oh how wonderful! I can't believe it's time for the trip to be here at KNOW if I knew where you were going to be I would just sneak on up don't you?!?!? Have soooo much fun and take tons of pictures as well...You know, I think planning for the trip is as fun as actually taking the trip...I am counting the days until Ms. D and I are down your way...only a little over 2 weeks...sqeee!!

Simplicity Wins said...

Have a wonderful time, I know you will...after all "that corner of earth smiles for you!" I hope you get many afternoon storms. Drive safe!

Nonnie said...

oh love the post and the music....anticipation!.....six ya ya's frolicking in the woods....little rituals...good, laughter....friendships...beautiful surroundings...these ARE the good ole days!
enjoy every minute of your escape!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

hello sweet friend,just stopped in to say hi.have spent all my latest time with my wounded Marine son and other children.I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE THEM ALL BACK SAFE AND ALIVE.come visite.