Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy 200th!

**Update** Not much time left to leave your comment with this post for my little giveaway...have you done that? Oh! Why not do it right now so you're in the drawing in the morning! Good luck everyone! : )

YES! It's true! This is my 200th post! I remember so well my very first post... back in February of 2006. I had no idea where this blog 'thing' was going to go, what I wanted to gain from it or how long it would last. But almost 2 1/2 years later, it's been an incredible source of fun, expression, connection and learning for me.

Even more amazing to me are YOU! My readers! I've been amazed by how many of you read my blog, visit on a regular basis, leave your wonderful comments and even trade emails with me from time to time. I've had visitors from all over our country, as well as Viet Nam, India, Saudia Arabia, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Canada, Thailand, France, England and name a few! I've had friends from fellow bloggers click on over and visit me. And I've had those that stumbled upon my blog quite by accident.

Needless to say, it's been humbling to have my words, thoughts, feelings and photos read by, literally, people around the world! And to those of you who have been inspired to begin your own blog journey, you make my day when you do!! Congrats to all of you who have begun this wild ride of journaling your life through this medium!

So in honor of your visits, comments and kindness, I'm holding a little 'give-away'! That's right! A 'thank you very much!' for taking a few moments out of your day to stop by and visit. As you know, I've been making a 'vision board' for myself and one of my little gems in creating this board has been making little fancy-pants push-pins to hold up my dreams and visions. Wellll.... I made a set for you, too!! Not only that, but I just HAD to grab a set of these oh, too-darn-cute paper tags with which to write whimsy, dreams and notes on for you as well. Then, to help you get started, I'm sending you one of my favorite journaling pens - a 0.5 black millennium pen... YEAH!! And don't be surprised if another trinket or two find their way into this bag o' goodies! A girl has to keep a secret or two up her sleeve! : )
(and noooooo, it will NOT include a box of Brown Betty!)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

Now, let me take a minute here and address the 'leaving a comment' part of this wonder. See that little word down there at the bottom of this post?? It says ' (blank) touchpoints' ?? See that?? Go ahead...I'll wait while you scoot down there to peek.

Did you find it??

Well, just click on that, and you'll have a comment window pop up which let's you type in your comment! How easy is that? I KNOW a lot of you are 'lookie lou's'.... and there's nothing wrong with that! But if you'd like a chance to win my special give-away, then leave a comment. It doesn't have to be anything grand, profound, long or deep...just a 'hi' will do the trick for ya if you're shy! But feel free to get all 'wordy' if the spirit moves you, too! How easy is that?!!?? And come on.... admit it.... you know you want a chance to have Mr. Postman deliver these little gems to your door!

I'll leave the comments open until Sunday night. I know many of you are heading out with the holiday weekend, so I'll leave it up until then. I'll happily write each commenter's name on a strip of paper and pick one for our winner! Monday morning, I'll announce who the lucky winner is!

Thank you for sharing this corner of the world with me, dear reader! You are wonderful passengers to enjoy this journey with! Good luck to you all!
Velvet Brick


Julie G. said...

We should be the ones saying THANK YOU!! I love your blog......I love to see your creativity each and everyday. You have inspired me to start the process of creating my very own blog. Your words are inspiring and uplifting....thank you for allowing me to share in your journey with you.

Joyce Schwarz said...

Hi, now those are cute pushpins. I'm the author of the upcoming book, THE VISION BOARD, Unlock The Secret to an Extraordinary Life, Harper Collins. Check out the temp website at and get my free newsletter. I hope to link to you in our resource section of the book! js.

Nonnie said...

congratulations dear vb!!! i think i am going to have to celebrate my 200th since i gabbed so much that i missed my
100th! :) i am so happy to have found you in make me laugh out loud, celebrate life, think, appreciate....and i just look forward to visiting.....always!
so i hope you always keep writing...and continue to invite us along...for the journey!
hugs my friend,

Anonymous said...

So many milestones you have, with grace, moved on from.

Congrat's my bff...

Like a crazy women!


Jane said...

I too am one that is touched by reading your blog. I have loved getting to know you on a different level, than just the amazing teacher of my little Alyson!

We made it to Utah safe and sound...and I just have to say that Aly needed an extra blanket last night, and when she got out of the shower this morning she wanted to know why Utah was so cold LOL! I think it was at least 80 when she woke up. She is a little Arizonian.

Happy 4th!

Chickenbells said...

Congratulations you! I am so happy that you made it to 200 posts...And, I was just sitting here thinking that if it weren't for your blog and my blog...we would have never met each other (which makes me sad..but, it also makes me very very happy...all at the same time!)


Just Joni said...

well looky there! I dropped by out of sheer boredom knowing you are always good for a smile and ... voila! I'm entered in a drawing! How lucky is that? Congratulations on your 200th post - you are as chatty as I am!


somepinkflowers said...

i am working on my vision board
today, too.

i noticed earlier
how you made those charming push-pins
out of the pinky brads.


love that idea
and want to try the same.

who knows!

just MAYBE
i'll win something over here...


{{come see what i won
at the Mad Tea Party!}}

congrats on your 200th!!
keep on blogging, missy,
keep on...