Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last week my ya-ya's and I took a class at the local rec center - a yoga class. Well...actually, we were directed to the wrong room ... twice. Obviously, no instructor (nor other attendees) showed up, so there we workout outfits, new yoga mats, water bottles and no yoga class. Ahhh...but not to worry, glass-hopper. Ya-ya R has been doing yoga at home for quite a while with her yoga dvd, so she lead N and I through her routine and we loved it!! I had never done yoga before and I found it both a challenge and relaxing and centering. So this morning, N and I are running down to ya-ya R's home, mats and all, to do Ya-Ya Yoga!

This, as I see it, is a perfect opportunity to have some fun with the whole idea. So let's see... after working out for an hour, one does get a bit 'glistening'. Perfect solution? Cool wet clothes infused with aromatic oils of rosemary and mint. I headed to Wal-Mart and bought this group of washclothes for less than $4! Washed them up and they're ready for the next step!

I mixed about 20 drops of this wonderful aromatherapy oil in some water. I placed the pink and yellow clothes in and let them soak it all up.

Then I wrung them out so that they weren't runny, but yet had some moisture left in them. I then folded a pink and yellow cloth up and sealed them into baggies; making a baggie for each of us!

Next, I placed them into the frig to get nice and cool! These will make the perfect cooldown cloth after our session... the cool, damp cloth infused with the rosemary and mint are soooo soothing! I even made another little baggie for my daughter who rides her bike home from her job each afternoon in 107 degree heat! A welcome relief for the desert heat awaits her in the fridge when she gets home today.... ahhhhhh...

Of course, I had to bring something yummy for the tummy, too! How about a rustic nectarine and grape tart? Warm out of the oven..... Oh, perfect! I'm off to nurture my body, mind and soul. I hope your Thursday brings you nurturing, too!



Sally said...

Such a sensational idea for cooling off, and I must say that tart looks YUMMY!!

I'm new here from Nita's and really like your blog. Very cute!!

Nonnie said... hopper...i think that is wonderful that you just took it all in stride and did your own thing.....the whole yummy cool cloth things sounds wonderful...i may have to do that for my training for the 3Day!....and how nice to just go to one of the ya ya's homes to continue your new centering....and you don't even have to share that tart!
good for you, vb.....for making the time to do something healthy and beneficial.....and with great company!
is there a recipe for that tart you could share? :)

Just Joni said...

I love yoga...when I do it regularly I can really feel a difference in everything...even my breathing...too bad I'm not self-disciplined enough to make it a priority! *sigh ...that tart looks yummy, have a bite for me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing such relaxing, self nurishing, and delicious ideas with me.