Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

When you read this I'm going to be up in the mountains at my favorite place in this whole world! My daughter, her friend and my ya-ya's and I have packed up tons of food, clothes, goodies and surprises and driven up to a log cabin tucked waaaay back in the forest....a beautiful, ponderosa pine forest that is unspoiled, respected and sacred.

Our yearly getaway is a tradition that renews the spirit, deepens our love and commitment to each other to always be supportive, laugh and carry our spirits through this journey of life and celebrates all that is good in life! Six girls in one cabin! We laugh, eat, drink, giggle, cry, pontificate, and just be....breathing in the pine air and humbly enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. This year we are taking our yoga mats and doing our yoga in the forest....I can hardly wait!! In the lazy afternoon, thunderheads build as they drift from left to right...bringing a fresh rain and scent that drifts down among the tree boughs. Nightime finds bats amazingly circling our niche, the Milky Way spilling along the midnight blue night sky and this time... the Full Buck Moon starting her graceful roll across a blanket of stars.

I always come back renewed...and my spirit always taps me a little harder on the shoulder....'Oh, girl...someday.... some day.'

Yes... some day.

I'll see you all when I return. Be safe.


Nonnie said...

that was so beautifully written! vb......i could actually see and hear and feel the amazement of it all....well not quite i'm sure!, but your words made it possible to get a glimpse...thank you. thinking of you this morning and wishing you will be filled with all that it has to offer....and come back overflowing! :)

Jolene George said...

You are such a great writer. I hope you fully enjoy your time with the girls. What a special time to bond and rejuvinate. You need this. Heck, I need this. Hold on. Let me pack, I'll be right up. Directions? Up the mountain. Left on the dirt road past the highway marker with the red reflector, 2nd cabin on the left. Right? :o)
I know you're up these soaking in the beauty with a smile on your face. The thought of that makes me happy.

Julie said...

oh my dear friend......someday is much closer than you think!!

Enjoy, I know you have been looking forward to this trip!!


Joni said...

I'm wishing I were one of your Ya Yas...I could use a get away like this and yoga in the forest is icing on the cake! Hope you are enjoying your vacation...can't wait to hear all about it...I'm sure you will come back refreshed and renewed...

Jill said...

Oh... you have taken us all with you! Have a wonderful time!