Friday, April 10, 2009

It HAS Been A Good Friday!

A day off is always a treat...and mine began in my garden with a camera and a cup of creamy coffee. Sweet peas were having a parade this morning - love this color! It was a very pretty morning with a slight cool breeze, whispy cirrus clouds and thoughts of getting a pedicure tossed around.

I thought about a gift I bought myself several days ago.... a box of cards, but not just any cards. These are by Louise Hay, a wonderful woman who teaches of empowerment, positivity and the joy of life.

Inside, a deck of the most inspiring cards await...with beautiful illustrations...

one side has an affirmation....
and the other side has an extenstion of that thought...
It really is like a 'treasure box' of sorts!
**If you're interested in these, check out - **
they have them at a smokin' price - 33% off! And they qualify
for free shipping! Oh, and check out the ones by Dr. Wayne Dyer
- 'Inner Peace' - they're my fav, too!
After reading through some of them, I skipped off for the much thought of pedicure - pink tootsies, please! A few shopping errands were next, which included a teeny bottle of green glitter fingernail polish... for some reason I got this notion that I needed to paint my fingernails green! Actually, they look more like clear polish with little flecks of green glitter - springy, kicky and fun! I love the teensy bottle, too!
A quick shower and change, and the door bell rang - my chicas and I were jumping into the 'margarita taxi' to head out for 'ahora de feliz'!! We met up with our great friends and had a wonderful time enjoying the weather, the laughs, and, of course, the nectar of the gods!
Such a good Friday it has been!

Update on my baiting of the bees...
I have not seen any bees at my lavendar yet, although they are enjoying a purple flowering bush in my garden about 8 feet away. I keep hoping that one of them will wander over to my lavendar and discover a
whole new feast to be had!

In the meantime, my lavendar is soooooo happy and thriving!!


Chickenbells said...

How awesome...I JUST got a whole deck of Louise L Hay cards myself! I love her decks...and her books as well!

Happy Easter!!

Cheela said...

It was a very Good Friday, Carol!! Thanks for inviting us. I love your "ya-ya's" (as well as my Yaya)!!

Julie said...

Ummm.....hello?? We were just on the phone oh what about an hour ago?? You did NOT mention these very cool affirmation cards. You must be tired! :) These are sooo cool....where did you get them??

kimberly said...

a belated Happy Easter to you my your little "parade" here and happy to hear your celebrating with ya-ya's and friends good for your soul!
love the cards....i love things like that....and have a daughter that could open her own store withthem! :)
love and hugs,