Sunday, April 19, 2009

My FlyBoy

My son, D, has always loved aviation - um...he comes by it naturally... ahem. He's been training to be a 'loadmaster' for a real B-17 bomber that is stationed at a local airport. This week the crew was taking people on flights from one city airport to another - I forget how much it was...I think several hundred dollars - but what a thrill to ride in a B-17!!! D and the crew have been flying since Friday back and forth. This morning they performed 'touch-and-go's' at a former airforce base before heading over to another airport to begin flying their passengers. D asked if I could pick him up after their last flight and drive him over to the other airport to retrieve his car. Are you kidding? Me? At an airport?!?! Ha! You don't have to ask me twice!! D gave me the call late this afternoon and I headed out to watch them land....a favorite pastime of mine! Scanning the skies....

There they are!!
Here they come!!!

My gawd it's awesome...and my boy's on it!! Come in safe....come in safe....
What a cool!
A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!
Taxiing in ... man, I'd love to be on that thing!
This is soooooo cool!
There's my boy! All decked out in his flight suit!! Very nice job, you guys...very nice job, indeedy!
I'm proud of you, son.


Just Joni said...

You are a brave mom to watch your son fly, but you know his competence better than anyone...I'd be a nervous wreck! I do, however, admire his talent!

kimberly said...

wow....what a thrill....especially for YOU! :).....i'll just watch thank you! :) but i would be soooo proud also!

Cheela said...

This is so awesome, Carol!!! What a great experience for D!

Susie of Arabia said...

What a cool looking plane, too!

kimberly said...

happy Earth Earth loving friend!

Chickenbells said...

I didn't know the boy flew!!! How fantastic is that?? Well, for someone else, I love to fly myself, but not actually fly myself...I like for other people to fly me.


I need to learn to use my words better, eh?