Sunday, April 26, 2009

Made of Honor

As I said in a recent post not long ago....where did the time go?? Last night was Senior Prom night for my daughter. She's been planning for this night for a month or so now. She and a group of friends (about 35 in all) got all decked out for the big night. A limo was rented, dinner reservations made, an after-prom party set up and a billion calls made back and forth! Funny thing is though, my daughter didn't have a date for prom. No one asked her to go. Even funnier, that didn't bother her one bit! (Let me just interject here for a moment... I feel somewhat awkward when I go out for a meal by myself, let alone my SENIOR PROM??!!? I can honestly say I would never have had the nerve to go by myself...never!) She happily shopped for the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry. It all looked stunning on her! Yesterday, she and her girlfriends got their nails done - Miss M now has acrylic nails and is 'in love with them!!!' She visited a salon and had her hair done, too. (Miss M's wonderful 'fairy godmother', Ms. S, made sure of it that Miss M had what she might have needed for the finishing touches!) By the hour of 5 p.m., pictures were being taken at a beautiful location and everyone was hugging and admiring how nice they all looked!

Where did the time go, I wonder....?

Soon, Miss M will be graduating from high school and turning 18. She's extremely brilliant. I asked her recently what her g.p.a was, and her nonplus reply was "It's 4.60 or something like that..." ??????? She's received scholarships to the three in-state universities and has pretty much decided on one. She continues to work part-time at her job, take the trash out on Sunday nights and take Ross for a walk each day to the mail box.

Perfect she is not. She's my daughter, remember? There was the one little incident of clip-clopping down the sidewalk in the middle of the night after 'getting some air'. And the time the police were at my house wondering why my car was parked in an unfamiliar neighborhood and where my daughter was, while all the while, totally unaware, M and her friends were enjoying ice cream at the local Sonic. I refrain from going into her bathroom unless it's deemed an absolute necessity. I'll never figure out how she crams things in with no possibility of being cleaned properly loads the dishwasher and calls it ready to run! No, she's not perfect...and I wouldn't want her to be.
Miss M has carried herself with grace, dignity and a strong spirit these past several years. She's made deep friendships, has endeared herself to her teachers and taught her mother a thing or two about 'moving on'. She's kept her focus on achieving her dreams and working hard. She's been true to her heart and to her spirit. And, oh yes....she's done it all with honor.

That's why she is my Maid of Honor.


Cheela said...

She is beautiful!! I imagine there were some guys at the prom that realized they had made a BIG mistake in not asking her to the prom!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks great. My daughter went to prom with a large group, and no date, and she had a wonderful time .

Jane said...

She is Beautiful! I am glad she went and had a great time.

Grumperini said...

OMG She's gorgeous! Good for her for going solo... who needs a date anyway? Mine got trashed and danced with everyone but me on my "big night." HA. She is just stunning and I agree with Cheela... I'm sure quite a few guys were kicking themselves!

Julie said...

I have tears running down my face. What a beautiful post..... for a beautiful girl. I love M! She is amazing....I am always in awe of her strength, her is truly inspiring. I am so proud of her for going to prom without a date. I agree with you I am not sure I could do that....but little miss M was not going to let that small detail keep her from enjoying a wonderful life moment. She is everything any mother would want in a daughter. Good job my friend for raising a self assured, confident, smart, funny, kind daughter!

This is a bright spot on your path!


N-Search of Peace said...

I have seen each of M's photo's, when attending her each of those photo's, I have looking back at me a girl who is the mirror images of your Mom Peggy and of YOU!
This is Maggi's year and I can't believe that I am apart of watching her embrace all that is in front of her and being allowed the honor of holding her precious heart in mine.
Our tears will continue to
in witnessing her life unfold before her.
I am so enjoying this ride!
Loving you all as a crazy women...

kimberly said...

she IS beautiful.....and i (a mother of five daughters) love her independence, courage, strength and confidence.....those are amazing gifts we would be all wise to share with them!
thinking of you in these memory making days.....oh my, been through so many of those....and each opens a new chapter to growing up.....and i cherish each one!
hugs and love dear friend.

Susie of Arabia said...

She looks stunning - that cobalt blue color suits her perfectly. And she already knows one important thing: she doesn't need a man to make her happy!

Martha said...

How proud you must be, Carol, and so rightly so. I didn't get asked to any of my high school dances and wish I would have had the self confidence to go on my own.

Pat yourself on the back, too. M is a reflection of you and the wonderful person you are!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I saw you today, Carol and had the opportunity to chat a little. You have always held a special place in my heart from the time I first met you. You wanted so badly to be a good teacher and to make a difference in the lives of your young students! My how you have reached that goal! And your little Maggi....always such a sweet child and respectful towards me. I haven't seen her in so long and what a beautiful and smart young woman she has become. "The world is her oyster" as the saying goes. Just know she will enjoy life and appreciate what is and isn't important. After all....she is your daughter!

Chickenbells said...

Oh congratulations to both of you! She is so beautiful...and I remember what fun it was those high school nights!!