Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soaking Up The Weather

Oh...last Saturday was one of those treasured days...a rainy day...

It was cold, wet, fresh and just beautiful in my book! I wish we had these kind of days every week, but alas, I am a desert rat. That's why I treasure days like these - they are so few and far between. And, it will probably the last one we have until the monsoon season kicks up - and that's not until July!

The next day, Easter Sunday, was absolutely glorious! Sunny, fresh, light breeze, low 70's.... ...perfect for sitting out in the fresh air and reading a bit. As you can see, I had company. Oh! By the way....we had A BEE at the lavendar that afternoon!! She buzzed a bit, but was not happy when I pulled my chair up, so off she flew and I have not seen her since. Do come back, sweet bee!

School was busy this week with our end-of-the-year field trip to my favorite museum!
The kiddos had a blast and everything went perfectly!!! The animated dinosaurs and the monsoon storm/water fall are a big hit! The next day was 'Field Day'... 13 stations of fun and games! It's one of my kiddos' favorite days!!Today I was ready for some R & R.... but it was just as busy. My yard got mowed and looked so nice afterwards. At the same time, my refrigerator was being repaired...oh joy! I had cleaned house last night, so today was laundry and other such Saturday duties!

A good friend had a birthday yesterday...and I FORGOT IT! I felt awful! So I quickly threw a garden party together for us to celebrate! Crackers and brie cheese, olive oil with rosemary and thyme with bread for dipping, a big garden salad with artichoke hearts and cranberries and seared tuna. We sat outside with lights and candles and it was just a beautiful evening. We soak weather like this up, for soon, the hot days are just around the corner.
Wait a minute! Why is the birthday girl bringing ME a present?!? An antique creamer bottle with beautiful flowers from her garden! How beautiful! How sweet!
Tomorrow promises to be just a wonderful! What's on your agenda for the day???

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