Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just getting through the day

I'm feeling somber, tired and overwhelmed. It's hard to carry on a normal life..when you don't know what lies in the future. I'm a creature of habit and I'm also black-and-white.... meaning...I see things as 'either or'... Because of this, it's hard for me to let go and just know that things will work out. I know part of this is a mild form of the blues, and I am entitled to have a blue day now and then. I just need to make sure that they are only 'now and then'... I'm planning on taking a good, steaming hot, long, indulgent bath in a bit, putting on some comfy pajamas, and chalking this day up to a lost one.

Perhaps part of what I'm feeling today is self-induced....the ya'ya's came over last night for cosmopolitans and was wonderful and much's always a joy to see Vicountess Cares A Lot and Vicountess Shimmering Moon. Munchies, cosmos, gossip, more cosomos, laughs, .... good medicine for the heart and soul.

I must add that I should credit two wonderful souls for inspiring me to begin a blog...the first is Keri Smith...she's a wonderful soul and very will enjoy her sight - The second one is 'swirly girl' aka christine miller...
this is also a delightful place to visit and i frequently find myself visiting both ladies for a dose of girlfriend inspiration...try them...and don't forget to bookmark them!

I fogot to have my realtor add to the description of my home/house that it includes two adorable, frisky hummingbirds who dine at my back porch all day long. I must leave a jar of hummingbird food for the new owners along with the directions for making more. I will leave the feeders...for I can not take the hummers with me... I'll buy new feeders for my new home...if I have one...and wherever that may be...

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