Tuesday, February 21, 2006

When your night becomes a day

2 am.... I wake up... and stay awake. I know I need my sleep. I know time is preciously ticking away until my alarm says "UP"...but I can't get back to sleep. Despite relaxing (uh..ok, I lie here..no relaxing at all), despite watching some t.v. (didn't help), despite snuggling down in my covers and closing my eyes (comfy, but still awake)... A night of sleep lost..to a day of feeling a bit 'gut-punched'. I tried to get a replacement phone for M, but didn't have the energy to fight the fight with the smart-ass kid behind the counter. He acted like he was doing me a favor by refusing my money (basically) and sending me out the door. I've squashed flies older than him.
My dear friend, Julie, came by for a glass of vino and crackers and cheese to 'dish' on. Always fun with her. We are muy simpatico. I'm too tired to look for something /work for me to do tonight. The bills will wait another night...my tired brain won't. So off to bed I head. Hopefully to reclaim the night I lost. Sweet dreams.

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